Dole seeks to increase America’s fruit intake

Here’s a “program with a purpose” as part of Dole’s mission to increase America’s nutritional health through greater fruit and vegetable consumption and to reverse a number of negative health trends, among them poor diet and inadequate exercise as the leading causes of preventable death.

On 1/1/12, Dole launched “366 Ways to Go Bananas in 2012” as part of its
“Go Bananas Every Day” campaign.  The details:

·        Dole is issuing a unique way to eat or use bananas every day in 2012.  Developed in partnership with Dole Nutrition Institute chefs and registered dieticians (RDs), the daily “tips” range from recipes to seasonal serving suggestions to fun trivia and non-food uses themed to specific holidays and dates.

·        Banana fans can receive the daily tips via Twitter or Facebook, or by visiting the DOLE Bananas website at www.dole.com/bananas.  To receive the 366 ways by Twitter or Facebook, go to @DOLEBananas (hashtag #366Bananas) or www.facebook.com/dolebananas, respectively.

·        As the top-selling item in the supermarket, bananas are one of the most economical ways for Americans to increase their daily fruit intake.  Dole is the #1 banana brand in the world.