GREEN BY DESIGN: 5 Best Cocktails To Drink When You Need To Keep A Rockin Body

GREEN BY DESIGN: 5 Best Cocktails To Drink When You Need To Keep A Rockin BodyThe day will come when you’re right in the middle of your weight loss program and all of your friends want to go out drinking one night. You will be faced with a decision, whether to indulge and possibly be set back several weeks or to be wise about what it is you’re going to drink. The following article will give you the five best cocktails to drink while you’re trying to lose weight or in a serious workout routine. This article is not dedicated to all the reasons why you should not drink as there has already been much written on that subject. Rather it will focus on the drinks that have the lowest calorie and sugar content and therefore be your best choices.

The truth of the matter is that when you have too much to drink you know you’ve done damage by means of a hangover. What’s unfortunate is that when this happens the most typical remedy is a greasy calorie rich meal that is probably the last thing that you need. But being realistic you know that you can have a drink from time to time, after all it does have a tendency to lift your spirits and get rid of stress. But you should be made aware that not all drinks were created equal. Similar to the foods that you choose to eat or not eat, different types of alcoholic drinks can be okay for you while others can be detrimental.

Being prepared ahead of time so that when a scenario is put before you that will more than likely end up in a way that could be bad you will have already had the knowledge and wisdom to know what to avoid or what to choose. When you read on further you will learn of the five best drinks and why they are okay. They’re okay for you not because they are low cost or because they taste really good but for health-related reasons and how they affect your body. This should be primary concern for anyone who’s losing weight and getting in shape knowing the reasons why their good and how they affect your health will make a difference.

The first of our good cocktails mentioned in this article is that of red wine. Red wine is mentioned first not because it is a superior choice over the others but because it is perhaps one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in the world and also because it is almost always available no matter if it’s a restaurant or club or someone’s home. There’s been a lot of research and studies done about the benefits of red wine. Red wine has medicinal benefits from fairly good levels of antioxidants to even being prescribed at times for certain minor ailments. What’s interesting is that even in the Bible mentions how a little bit of red wine has health benefits.

The fact that red wine is mentioned in this article does not mean that white wine is not a good cocktail. The truth of the matter is that recent research done shows that both types of wine offer health benefits. What’s really interesting is that just in the past few years some studies actually show white wine having a few more health benefits than red wine. What all this does is show and prove the point that wine in general is a great cocktail especially for those in the middle of a weight loss program or fitness routine.

Moving overseas across the Atlantic you land on a little island that seems to be best known for the color green, leprechauns, warm pubs and thick rich full-bodied beers the island of Ireland. When it comes to beer Ireland seems to be best known for Guinness Stout which is just as much a meal as it is a beer. Why Guinness is unique in the healthy cocktail category versus other beers is that just one of these drinks has the ability to satisfy and fill you up as much as a case of light beer. In addition to it’s filling ability it actually is a beer that’s fairly low in calories and has a high content of iron making it one of the best mass-produced beers you can drink.

If you’ve just had a horrible day and a little red wine or Guinness won’t cut it, drinking some top shelf liquor on the rocks or with a little bit of water is also a good way to go. Top shelf liquor is recommended because it cost more and therefore is better but top shelf liquor usually comes without the impurities that lesser quality alcohol has. Due to the fact it has less impurities it typically taste better and therefore lends itself to being consumed without the addition of any colas or juices or anything like that that contains sugars and more calories. Top shelf liquor is designed to be consumed by itself with no help from any other additive.

If you find though that you do love hard liquor over beer but still feel the need to sprinkle something in with it. The best choice hands down is a vodka soda. Now this should not be confused with vodka tonic as tonic water a can be high in calories and sugars. Soda water on the other hand is basically just water with a few bubbles and when you add in a little bit of vodka and a dash of lime you end up with a refreshing cocktail that won’t set your progress back a couple of weeks.

The fifth best cocktail for your body is really for all those beer lovers out there that don’t just love beer but love good beer in different flavors. If you find yourself scoffing at a Guinness your still in luck as micro brewed beers can be a great alternative. If you’re wondering why on earth microbrewed beer is better than the typical beer found in your local grocery store the answer is actually quite simple.

Mass-produced beers are usually made with poor ingredients in addition to food coloring, unnatural flavorings and a lot of other junk that you would typically find in a convenience store snack foods section. Microbrews on the other hand tend to stick to European codes for their production and are made from natural ingredients lending itself to being a safe alternative for weight watchers out there.

Choosing any of these five cocktail options as your drink when you’re out with your friends can help make the difference between you sticking with your healthy routines or falling off the wagon. There is no need to feel nervous about the repercussions any longer when you need to have a drink as long as you stick with these recommendations. When the time comes to relieve a little stress and anxiety by having a cold one, do so knowing that it’s okay because you made a wise decision about your drink of choice.