5 Factors That Determine How Marijuana long stays in Your System

5 Factors That Determine How Marijuana long stays in Your SystemAfter the legalization of cannabis in the last few years, various studies have been done on the usage, effects, benefits, and side effects of cannabis. Cannabis can be used by people for medical or recreation uses. Whereas, medical usage includes cannabis products that can heal particular medical conditions while recreation use includes smoking weed and other weed products like weed that can be bought from onlinedispensarycanada.ca. These days use of marijuana has become common but do you know how does long it stay in your body and internal system? Sometimes it can stay within you for a few days and some it lasts long for a few months. So how does long exactly marijuana stay in our body?

Depending on how much pot you smoke and how often you smoke it, cannabinoids like THC can be detectable for weed, and sometimes even for months. There are a few variables to this, which can leave you wondering, “How long does cannabis stay in the system?”

But there isn’t any simple answer to this question so here are the top five factors that determine how long marijuana can stay in your system.

Frequency of Use

This is the single most important factor. Individuals who consume cannabis for the first time can expect it to remain in their systems for about 3 days. However, daily cannabis users may have cannabinoids detectable in their systems for 30 days or more. For those who consume cannabis about 3-4 times a week, the window of detection is closer to a weak after last use.


Cannabis with a higher level of THC such as kief (which you can find on ganjaexpress takes longer to metabolize than cannabis with lower levels. The stronger the weed, the more time it takes to break down in your system.

Consumption Method

How you consume cannabis has a lot to do with how long stays in your body. Smoking weed will get a use high within a matter of minutes, while if you buy edibles online from Getkush then they take far longer to metabolize. Cannabis leaves your system faster when you smoke or vape it with pink kush or cigarette. But if you take edibles, you can expect it to stick around longer.

Body Composition

THC is a lipid-soluble chemical, so it binds to fat in the body. That makes THC a bit tougher to get rid of. That means an individual’s weight and metabolism play a part in the time it takes for cannabis to leave your system. If you have a higher percentage of body fat and lower metabolism, your body may take longer to break down cannabis.

Type of Drug Test

The window of detection also depends on the kind of drug test taken. Unlike, Canadian Juice Monster or other steroid tests, the cannabis test has a specific time of the window. Urine tests can detect marijuana between 3 and 30 days after use. For saliva tests, it is around 24 hours to 72 hours after the use or even 8 days later, as in one study. Blood tests can only detect THC for 3-4 hours after the use. But hair test is very sensitive and is capable of detecting cannabis for as long as 90 days after the use.

These are the main factors to be aware of and if you are wondering whether there is a way to help cannabis metabolize faster, you would be out of luck. You can only speed up the process by lowering the concentration of THC in the body, or speeding up your metabolism – and there isn’t a reliable way to do that.

For most people though, THC should be gone or be at very low levels in the body after 30 days. For infrequent users, it could be 10 days or less. But since there isn’t a precise way to predict when weed will leave your system, keep these five factors top of mind.