7 Food Holidays + Sweet Envy + PB Icing to Sweet Cream Cheese Filled King Cake

National Indulgence Month
Bayou Bakery Treats Your Sweet Tooth to 30 Days of Its Own Making

It may not be a nationally recognized month of holidays, but we all know that down in New Orleans natives turn to any occasion to celebrate.  For the next four weeks, the sweetest days in January and February are offering that little something extra!  Leave the resolutions to having a bigger sweet tooth than before.

January 19, 2012 – National Popcorn Day
Hit the taste bud jackpot with salty, sweet, smoky, crunchy, gooey $3 bags of our signature
porKorn, but only while supplies last.  Take it from us, it won’t be long.

January 23, 2012 – National Pie Day
Bayou Bakery will be serving up Secret Savory & Sweet Pies by the Slice to satisfy all day long.
Prices and types are hush-hush, so you gotta come in to see what’s being served up.

January 24, 2012 – National Peanut Butter Day
We’re going old-school with out version of the PB Sandwich: whipped Peanut Butter Icing
sprinkled with chunks of peanuts filled between two soft Peanut Butter Cookies. Jiffy who?

January 30, 3012 – National Croissant Day
We’ll have Pigs in a Blanket like you’ve never had ‘em before—Smoked Pork Andouille
Sausages wrapped in a blanket of Flaky, Buttery, Croissants. Go ahead, hog on.

February 2, 2012 – Heavenly Hash Day
The perfect excuse to grab a bag of David’s signature fudgy and chewy classic dessert, Heavenly Hash.  Filled with pecans and marshmallows, some say it’s so sugar-sweet it’ll send you
on a sugar high straight to the Pearly Gates…just in time for Lent in a few weeks.

February 14, 2012 – Valentine’s Day
Nothing says love like a bowl of chocolate pudding. We’re upping the passion with a decadent Ménage a Trois Pudding with rich Chocolate Pudding, creamy Chantilly Cream,
and a layer of tall, dark, and handsome Red Velvet Crumbles.

February 21, 2012 – Mardi Gras
Get ready for the king of all indulgences, the King Cake! Named one of the “Top Three King Cakes in the Country” last year by The Washington Post, this year we made it just a little more decadent with sweet Cream Cheese. Last day to have it. Order ahead by visiting our home page  www.bayoubakeryva.com

So what are you waiting for?  After all, days like these only come around once a year.