7 NYC Food Instagram Accounts to Follow for Extreme Foodgasm

With a population of over eight million residents, New York is a truly metropolitan city. And while the city presents a variety of problems – cramped subways, brutal winters, and frustrating one-way streets, there’s one problem that sits above the rest. And that’s having too many options when it comes to picture-ready places to choose from.

7 NYC Food Instagram Accounts for Extreme Foodgasm

New York City is one of the best cities in the world when it comes to food. And it offers every possible taste that can satisfy any craving, which can make eating out an overwhelming and intimidating experience. Luckily, there are many high-quality NYC food Instagram accounts to help you navigate the New York City food scene.

But with so many NYC food Instagram accounts, that can even become overwhelming! But don’t worry, we’re here to help. So continue reading and we’ll walk you through the best of the best IG accounts when it comes to food in the big apple.

  1. @Actress_Eats

Sarah Schenkkan is a full-time actress who takes the time within her busy rehearsal schedule to explore the bars and restaurants of NYC. While traveling the country after joining the 1st national tour of Wicked, Sarah fell in love with food photography and blogging which sparked her to make her Instagram account, @Actress_Eats.

Her photo captions often give context for the different dishes and places that she showcases. For people who are interested in the ever-evolving and colorful food scene in NYC, you’ll be sure to enjoy Sarah’s writing and photos.

  1. @Ibitefood

Using his mother’s cooking as his original inspiration, Khalil Baba created his account as a way to show off all of the delicious food he made while he was living in Boston. What started as simply a recipe- and cooking-based Instagram account soon grew to also include restaurant visits across New York City.

His gorgeous shots of food range from eye-popping cheese pulls to beautiful avocado toast.

  1. @yeahfoodbeer

With over 80k followers, Stephanie Perez uses her Instagram account to show off her amazing photography skills. Originally, she started her career photographing live concerts. But after getting too exhausted from all the late nights, she found solace in taking photos of her favorite foods and posting them to social media.

Doing this allows her to hone her skills at photography and improve the way that she showcases her content. That includes using color and lighting to get the perfect shot.

  1. @BrianCantStopEating

Growing up in a Caribbean home, food always played a big part in the life of Brian Lindo. He would enjoy food from all different cultures growing up, and living in New York City allowed him to truly explore.

Originally, his Instagram account was simply a place for him to build a personal database of his favorite foods and restaurants in the big city. However, he quickly gained a large fan following.

His Instagram account has also been able to let him sample all of the delicious foods that can be found in New York. His photos balance glamor shots and artsy shots to deliver a nice variety of images.

  1. @MikeJChau

Mike J Chau is an elite Yelper turn food Instagrammer. He’s garnered over 100k followers as he continues to post photos of food across the five boroughs. He started way back in 2012, before food Instagram was even really a thing.

His second Instagram account, @FoodbabyNY, has over 300k followers. It features close-up photos of his children enjoying or even just staring at delicious food. Most people really just know him as “Food Baby’s dad” and don’t even realize he has the second account.

And unlike many other food bloggers, Mike has a full-time job and does food blogging on the side for fun.

He posts a lot of fun videos too. It’s worth learning how to download Instagram videos so that you can watch them even if you don’t have service.

  1. @TheSweetLifeofLina

Long before Lina Cawog was sharing her food photos with tens of thousands of people on Instagram, she grew up sharing her love of food with her large Middle Eastern family. But soon enough, she would start The Sweet Life Of Lina and become a household name within the NYC foodie community.

So how does she find the perfect places and the latest food trends? It might have something to do with her job. Believe it or not, Lina is actually an eye doctor.

And despite her working full-time as an optometrist, she’s always able to keep an eye out for new spots in town, no pun intended.

  1. @FoodandCity

Food and City initially started as a way to promote a new business venture as Jared Zuckerman transitioned from banking to baking. He initially wanted to use it as a way to attract Instagram influencers to his brand. 76k followers later and he’s now become one of the hottest influencers himself.

As someone who has experience with both sides of the restaurant industry, Zuckerman uses his insider know-how to capture the best food around for his feed.

Which of These NYC Food Instagram Accounts Are You Going to Follow?

As we said at the start of this article, there are so many wonderful NYC food Instagram accounts out there. But the ones we listed above are the best of the best. So you’re sure to start salivating the moment you follow any or all of these accounts.

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