A bottle of Snapple joins time capsule to commemorate 400 years of African American History in Africa

They say, if you don’t succeed the first time, try again. That’s just what Don Victor Mooney, President of H.R. 1242 Resilience Project and a resident of Queens followed in pursuit of a dream.


On his fourth attempt, Mooney completed his grueling 21-month transatlantic row from Canary Islands, which located off the west African coast to New York’s Brooklyn Bridge, in memory of his brother who died of AIDS. With this feat, Mooney became the first African American to row across any ocean.


The theme for H.R. 1242 Resilience Project yearlong commemoration activities was dubbed, 400 Years: Resilience, Healing, Faith and Partnership.


Snapple was Mooney’s first sponsor. Last week, Mooney hand delivered a time capsule in Equatorial Guinea to commemorate the 400 years of African American History. Of the many items inside the time capsule, it included a bottle of Snapple.


“It’s my hope that future historians will come to know how the beverage industry played a role in helping their consumers realize dreams, sometimes not ordinary, said Don Victor Mooney.