A La Mode Transitions Product to All Natural and Introduces 100% Recyclable, Unique Packaging Upgrade Nationwide

A La Mode Transitions Product to All Natural and Introduces 100% Recyclable, Unique Packaging Upgrade NationwideA La Mode, a handcrafted, premium, nut, sesame, and egg-free ice cream brand, announced today its transition to all-natural ingredients along with the introduction of a unique packaging update to the current upbeat and playful cartons– most notably including color changing spoons. The new products will be launched online and in retail stores across the country, including Brooklyn-based Union Market, where it is currently on shelves, and ShopRite starting this summer. Effective immediately, all containers will be identified with an “all-natural” and “color changing spoons” label located on the front of the new eco-friendly packaging.

The nut, sesame and egg-free line will continue the brand’s endeavor to adopt additional eco-friendly practices by introducing the highest quality, and finest of all-natural ingredients. Six of A La Mode’s well-known flavors including Cooks, Speed Bump, Wired, Vanilla, Chocolate and Pink Sprinkle are being revamped with all-natural coloring and ingredients which are now available in pints and will soon be offered in cups and bars this summer. Prior to launch, direct consumer testing was conducted with the new, all natural, recipes and results conclude the change does not compromise on taste and quality.

“I’m thrilled to stand behind A La Mode’s promise to remove artificial flavors and introduce a new interactive experience for our consumers,” said Marc Roth, Founder of A La Mode. “Up to this point, we’ve been able to help people with food allergies and today, this move takes the company’s success, reach and growth to the next level. It’s imperative that food brands are taking a step in the right direction to make their products healthier and are utilizing a customer-oriented approach in today’s competitive market. This is an important milestone for the company and stands by our mission to provide consumers with a healthy, creative and unique ice cream option that is safe for the entire family.”

In tandem with A La Mode’s commitment to go all natural, the ice cream brand is adding color changing spoons to the lid of the ice cream pint– providing consumers a fun, interactive way to eat their ice cream. Moving forward, the entire contents of the cartons will be one-hundred percent recyclable in an effort to further A La Mode’s mission to be a fully sustainable company. The company is committed to implementing environmentally friendly packaging solutions, offering consumers engaging and valuable experiences and providing an overall cleaner and healthier product available for everyone to enjoy.

About A La Mode Shoppe
A La Mode Shoppe started as a boutique ice cream parlor on New York City’s Upper East Side making handcrafted, premium, nut-sesame-and-egg-free ice cream that anyone could eat, regardless of food allergies. In response to high demand, the family-owned company launched Dessurt Corp, a dedicated, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, to take the product to retail stores nationwide. In a matter of two years, A La Mode has grown from a local creamery into a nationally celebrated brand. Each A La Mode flavor is first taste-tested and approved at the original ice cream shop before being introduced to market. Founders Marc and Sandy Roth’s delicious creations are recognized for their superior flavor and variety. Visit alamodeshoppe.com to learn more and follow @ALaModeShoppeNY on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.