Nemiroff Vodka Reports Record Global Sales

Nemiroff Vodka Reports Record Global SalesNemiroff Vodka, the award-winning Ukrainian vodka announced today that it sold more than 4.65 million 9L cases in 2018, a 5.5 percent increase over the prior year, well ahead of the global average of 1.5 percent.

Produced in Nemyriv, Ukraine for more than 150 years, Nemiroff Vodka uses artesian water, filtered by minerals that are more than 540 million years old, carefully distilled with natural herbs and aromatics to produce a uniquely clean vodka that is enjoyed in more than 80 countries.

“It’s no surprise that global vodka consumers have become jaded by the over-proliferation of new brands and flavors,” said Irina Zhygunova Global Chief Marketing Officer of Nemiroff “We’ve taken the time – particularly over the last several years to reposition the Nemiroff brand and our marketing efforts while adding new markets, and sophisticated vodka consumers around the world are responding.”

Nemiroff Vodka Reports Record Global SalesThe Nemiroff Vodka brand has been produced in the Ukraine for more than 150 years and is available in more than 80 countries.  Contributing to the brand’s performance in 2018 were its popularity in the Commonwealth of the Independent States and new market launches in the EU including Spain, New Zealand, and Africa.

Based on these numbers, Nemiroff Vodka ranks among the top five best-selling vodkas worldwide.  In 2018 Nemiroff was named The World’s Best Vodka by World Vodka Award 2018.  Nemiroff also became The First official global vodka of the UFC.

The Nemiroff Company was established in 2017 as one of the first enterprises in Uzbekistan with foreign investments in the production of vodka. Today it is a manufacturer of top-quality spirits and one of the leaders of the global spirits market.

About Nemiroff

Nemiroff is a high-quality vodka brand that has been made in Ukraine for more than 150 years. Available in more than 80 countries globally, Nemiroff is ranked # 3 among all vodka brands in the Duty- Free Category. Nemiroff Vodka is positioned as the indomitable spirit. Through adversity, challenge and competition, the brand has earned more than 70 international awards and has been recognized for market leadership, quality and great taste. The brand continues to make inroads in terms of sales, distribution, and development. Recent accolades include, the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the most recently, being named as The World’s Best Vodka by World Vodka Award 2018. Nemiroff. Bold character since 1872.