A Super Seasoning, Specially Made For Everyone!

A Super Seasoning, Specially Made For Everyone!Being confined to specific dietary restrictions is difficult, no matter what the nutrition plan! As a solution to spicing up our nutritional needs, we often slam our food with extra seasoning. However, there is one huge problem in doing so. Majority of seasoning blends sold in stores and online are packed with unhealthy ingredients and additives; that is all but one: Paleo Powder!

Paleo Powder’s unique blend is unlike any other seasoning on the market because it doesn’t contain any unhealthy ingredients like MSG, sugar, gluten or disruptive additives. This all-natural product was made with every diet in mind! Whether you have an autoimmune disorder, heart disease, IBS, are gluten intolerant or just trying to eat a little better Paleo Powder has the perfect blend for you!

Not only is Paleo Powder’s diet specific seasoning made for just about everyone, it’s also extremely versatile! In other words, Paleo Powder does not take the phrase “all purpose” lightly. Sprinkle this healthy seasoning on any meal, during any time of the day! Breakfast, lunch or dinner, if it needs a healthy kick of flavor, Paleo Powder is there to take on the job!

A Super Seasoning, Specially Made For Everyone!I’ve included some more information below, I’d love to get you a sample to try it for yourself! Can I send you one for consideration? Let me know!

Paleo Powder was founded by a Texas native, who grew up on a Southern diet and unhealthy eating habits. Knowing he needed to make a lifestyle change but not wanting to give up his love for BBQ, he began to make his own seasoning so he could still enjoy his favorite foods without all of the unhealthy ingredients! Now, more than 50 pounds lighter, he has made it a mission to educate and assist others in developing a healthier, happier lifestyle!

  • Sold in Walmarts across the U.S. and soon to be sold in Whole Foods
  • Produced in a facility where there is no chance of wheat, milk, soy or other non-Paleo contamination
  • Variety of Organic Options
  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar-Free
  • MSG Free