The Finnish Long Drink – the incredibly refreshing sparkling citrus drink with real liquor, built on the heritage of the legendary Finnish alcohol category of long drinks – is pleased to announce that actor Miles Teller will be taking a larger ownership stake and increasing his investment in the brand, which he has helped build a presence for in the United States as a Co-Owner.

Miles Teller Backs Finnish Long Drink for National Marketing Push

Entering 2023, The Finnish Long Drink currently stands as the fourth most popular ready to drink brand in the country having a banner year reaching over a million cases sold, with the mission of establishing long drinks as a staple stateside, as it is in Finland.


Teller’s ties with The Finnish Long Drink started after he stumbled upon a sampling at an East Village liquor store with Co-Founders and native Finns, Ere Partanen and Sakari Manninen, and loved it so much that he sparked a relationship with the brand. Excited about the prospect of bringing the historic drink to life, Teller went to Finland, along with the other Co-Founders, Evan Burns and Mikael Taipale, to learn more.


“I became an investor in The Finnish Long Drink because I think it’s the best in the market and has an authentic backstory. It’s high quality stuff and I think consumers deserve a product that’s this good and refreshing,” says Teller. “Now that we are available in over 34,000 locations and most major chains, I wanted to lead an investment that will further our growth, help us advertise nationally, and get the word out about The Finnish Long Drink – the best canned beverage in the game.”

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“When we first started to work with Miles, we did so because of his passion for the authentic history behind the category,” adds Danny Mandelbaum, Vice President of Marketing. “He’s a partner that has had full faith in us as a team and the product, and we’re excited to see what we accomplish with Miles in the year ahead.”


Continuing its momentum and expansion, The Finnish Long Drink is now distributed in 43 US markets, and is easily available via Drizly and on For more information please visit and follow on Instagram @longdrink.