Amazing Netflix Hacks to Enhance Your Viewing Experience

Amazing Netflix Hacks to Enhance Your Viewing ExperienceDon’t we all enjoy watching the Netflix TV shows and movies? But are you getting the most out of your streaming service? Well, if you wish to binge-watch your favourite series or movies like a pro there are a few hacks that you must know. So, let us take a look at a few of these Netflix Hacks. 

Use category codes to find what you want

Ankush who offers assignment help online says that on Netflix we often see the same TV shows and movie recommendations on the homepage again and again. This happens because Netflix offers us recommendations based on our taste and these recommendations are decided based on a highly specific algorithm. However, if you want newer and fresher recommendations, you need to understand that Netflix breaks down every TV show and movie into 76,000 different categories that are as detailed as “Critically-Acclaimed Witty Movies from the 1930s” or as broad as “Action & Adventure” category. So, if you want a category code, you can find it right within the Netflix URL. Look through the last four numbers of the web address. These numbers correspond to the country code. You can also check out all the country codes online.

Get the super Netflix extension for better video quality

When you watch Netflix on your Google Chrome browser, you will see a free extension. This extension is known as Super Netflix. It helps accentuate the viewing experience for you. Once you install this extension, it will help you pick the video streaming quality. So, you no longer have to rely on Netflix to do that for you. This is more preferable when you wish to enjoy the best video quality at your home connection. In case, you want to save the data, you can reduce it on the go. Super Netflix is also a great way to automatically skip the introduction of the series, blur the thumbnails to prevent spoilers, blur plot descriptions and accentuate colour contrast and brightness for a better viewing experience. You can also speed up the video using this feature.

Make extra room on your home screen

Akhil who offers python homework help online says that Netflix originals are entertaining and surely worth watching. But there will be times when you want to view something that is not produced by Netflix. For this, there is a Google Chrome extension No Netflix Originals that does exactly what is suggested by the name. So, then everything that is Netflix Original will be removed from your screen and you can see everything else that Netflix has on offer.

Disable the dreaded “are you still watching?” prompt

When you are binge-watching a show, it gets taxing to, again and again, hit the ‘next episode’ button. To do away with this, you need a ‘Never Ending’ Netflix Chrome extension. This extension will put an end to all of this inconvenience. So, once you have installed the extension, you can skip all the title sequences and it will automatically play the next episode once the previous one gets over. It also disables the dreaded “Are You Still Watching?” prompt. If you want to search on Netflix based on genre, this extension comes handy even then.

Add notes to your favourite titles

Lastly, Anshul who did an excellent cloudways review for a leading hosting platform says that you can now add notes to all your favourite shows on Netflix using Flix Plus. It is an incredible chrome extension which lets you customize your viewing experience on Netflix. Flix Plus comes with 18 built-in customization settings. Some of the customizable settings available are disabling a shrinking screen during end credits, hiding spoiler descriptions, pinning your “My List” page to the top, hiding spoiler images, and more. You can even add reasons as to why you are adding a particular show to your ‘My List’, with this tool.