Ardberg ‘Masters of Smoke’ Programme to Unleash the Power of Smoke in the On-Trade

Ardberg ‘Masters of Smoke’ Programme to Unleash the Power of Smoke in the On-TradeArdbeg has launched a mission to spread the word about the “delicious possibilities” of smoke, through a new bartender education program.

In an industry first, Ardbeg Masters of Smoke will deliver in-depth training on the complex science of smoke to on-trade professionals worldwide, sharing knowledge from the world of whisky – and beyond.

As smoke as a flavor continues to rise in popularity, Ardbeg will curate an ever-evolving repository of smoke-related content and tools to help bartenders understand and complement its nuances. Those participating in the program will be fuelled with creative insights from experts across a variety of disciplines — from barley ‘maltsters’, to barbecue chefs – to allow them to harness the power of smoke in inventive serves and in-bar experiences.

Ludo Ducrocq, Ardbeg Education & Advocacy Director, said:
“Whisky lovers have long appreciated the peaty power of Ardbeg, but we think there’s an opportunity to further explore the intricacies of smoke as a flavor.

“Through Masters of Smoke, we hope to spread the word about the delicious possibilities of smoke through rich, in-depth training which is really rooted in science.

“From Port Ellen, to Portland, we want to unleash the power and potential of smoke in the on trade, working with bartenders worldwide to lead a glorious smoky revolution.”

Masters of Smoke training sessions will roll out across markets worldwide from September 2019. To register interest in less than two minutes, bartenders should visit