Award-Winning Photographer Launches Pro Bottle Shot, the First Service to Photograph ‘Nothing but Bottles’

Award-Winning Photographer Launches Pro Bottle Shot, the First Service to Photograph ‘Nothing but Bottles’Photographing bottles is harder than you’d think. Pro Bottle Shot helps wineries, brewers and spirit makers uncork the missing link in their marketing – point-of-sale photography that makes their inventory irresistible. After shipping their bottles to Founder Collin Krauthamer, clients simply download the final images online. It’s a first for the industry; poised to help many smaller manufacturers compete with ‘the big guys’.

It isn’t an issue that would occur to the everyday person sipping a glass of wine. However, to thousands of wineries, spirit makers and brewers, photographing bottled products to do their quality justice is a frustrating challenge. To address this long-standing problem, product photographer Collin Krauthamer is launching his revolutionary new point-of-sale bottle photography service – Pro Bottle Shot.

The first service of its kind, Pro Bottle Shot focuses solely on photographing bottles, providing clients with stunning, simple images to display online, in their catalogues or in wider marketing collateral. As the company’s founder explains, Pro Bottle Shot bridges the huge quality gap that exists between beer, spirits and wine producer’s products and how they’re quality is depicted in photographs.

“My winemaker friends were always telling me how hard their glass bottles are to photograph and with direct-to-consumer online sales growing, these producers needed a fast, easy, and affordable solution to make the bottles look as good as what’s inside tastes. So I locked myself in the studio for a month figuring out the best possible system and opened up shop,” says Collin Krauthamer.

Using the service is swift and painless, simply requiring clients to place their order online, ship their bottles from anywhere in the US to the Pro Bottle Shot studio in California and then download their images in multiple sizes just seven to ten days later or three day if rushed.

“The images are beautiful, yet simple – exactly what is needed to increase sales, sees more consistency and provide a better return on marketing and advertising spend. It even gives smaller players an alternative to needing a tasting room, or keeping a sales staff to compete for shelf space at super markets,” Krauthamer says. “Clients also retain full copyright to all images, with no license expiry.”

If the client does not require their bottles to be returned after the photographs have been completed, Pro Bottle Shot has a charitable solution: the bottles are donated to the Diabetic Youth Foundation to be auctioned off at their yearly gala.

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About the Company:

Based in Sonoma, Ca. Pro Bottle Shot was founded in 2010 by award winning commercial photographer Collin Krauthamer. The idea was to create the first service that specializes in photographing nothing but bottles. Pro Bottle Shot shoots bottles on white backgrounds for point of sale with an emphasis on perfection and consistency from shot to shot.

By being the only service specializing in bottle shots, Pro Bottle Shots does it faster, better and offers more value than anyone. They promise unmatched quality combined with efficiency to make any bottles shine and make them sell.