BellyMelly Launches First-of-Its-Kind, Zero-Touch Dine-In Technology Designed to Help Local Restaurants and the Communities They Serve

Online food ordering platform BellyMelly introduces a free first-of-its-kind solution to help restaurants across the country re-open amidst COVID-19. The BellyMelly app revolutionizes the dining experience by providing a fast, easy-to-use and zero-contact solution for restaurants and customers alike, whether they want to dine in person or have their meals delivered.

“As our country begins to re-open and restaurants welcome customers back inside, it’s extremely important that everyone feel safe and confident during the dine-in experience,” said David Litchman, founder of BellyMelly. “We wanted to offer a free solution for all restaurants as they navigate this complicated time. Our app offers a zero-touch experience, which is not only helpful during this global pandemic, but will also help propel the restaurant industry into the future.”

How BellyMelly Works (Dine-In Experience):
1. Customer downloads free BellyMelly app (available for iOS and Android).
2. Using the app, the customer scans the BellyMelly QR code, which can be displayed on each table within the restaurant.
3. The BellyMelly QR code will pull up the restaurant’s menu directly to any smart device, eliminating the need for a physical menu and supporting social distancing efforts.
4. The customer orders a meal using the BellyMelly app, which is immediately sent to the restaurant’s kitchen. The app also allows for the customer to make contactless payment for the meal and add a tip.
5. Restaurant waitstaff brings the food directly to the customer’s table.

In addition, BellyMelly helps local restauranteurs compete with third-party sites for takeout and delivery orders, while allowing users the opportunity to give back to their local communities at no cost to them. Thanks to an unprecedented low processing rate of 3% per order for takeout and delivery, BellyMelly works with local restaurants to donate a percentage of each sale to the restaurant’s community partner of choice.

How BellyMelly Works (Takeout/Delivery Experience):
1. User orders from a local restaurant using the BellyMelly app or online portal.
2. Upon checkout, the user selects from a list of local community organizations to donate a percentage of the sale price — at no cost to the user.
3. Each restaurant decides an appropriate percentage to donate to its community partner of choice — anything from non-profit organizations to local schools.
4. BellyMelly collects payment, sends profit to the restaurant, and shares donation directly with community organizations.

“I’ve spent over 30 years in the restaurant industry and have seen firsthand how third-party technologies and their hidden fees, penalties and charges can cause serious problems for local restaurants,” said Litchman. “Our mission is simple. We want to help local restaurants thrive. Instead of pocketing a large commission at the expense of our restaurant partners, we offer a free zero-touch dine-in solution and a very low processing fee for takeout and delivery orders.”

About BellyMelly
BellyMelly is a food ordering solution designed to help local restaurateurs compete with third-party sites while allowing users the opportunity to give back to their local communities at no cost to them. BellyMelly understands the challenges restaurateurs face and works with operators to help design systems that benefit restaurants and its users. With 30 years of restaurant experience and almost 20 years of technology experience, BellyMelly’s team is well-positioned to help the restaurant community. Learn more at