The Perfect Heat for Every Meat

Gibsons Restaurant Group Offers the 411 for Every Meal

The Perfect Heat for Every MeatRibeye, chicken and pork, oh my! When it comes to firing up the grill, there is a plentiful pick of proteins to choose from. Whether the entrée of choice is grilled fish or seared steak, Corporate Executive Chef Randy Waidner shares his tips for cooking a plethora of proteins to perfection.

  • Pork Chops: While it’s been drilled into our heads that pink and pork don’t mix, Chef Waidner likens grilling pork chops to cooking a steak, and notes that the old-fashioned 160 degree rule overcooks the product. To make, preheat the grill to ensure the pork chops will be placed over a high direct heat. Sear the outside to seal in the juices and then cook through over medium heat.  With a newfound appreciation for the other white meat, pork chops can be an easy and delicious way to switch up the dinnertime routine.
  • Chicken Thighs: Chicken thighs are simple, affordable and perfect for grilling! For a dish that will delight family and guests alike, flatten the chicken thighs to around ¼ inch and marinate in a mixture of vegetable oil, Worcestershire, onion, and Dijon mustard. Grill the thighs for around 8 minutes on each side and serve with homemade garlic butter. The extra fat from the thighs will translate into more flavor during cooking.
  • Fish Filets: It’s vital to keep your fish cold (34-36 degrees Fahrenheit) to maintain its integrity until serving. When ready to hit the grill, put a plank between the fish and the grill (such as cedar for additional flavor) and make sure not to overcook. Overcooking will result in a dry, chalky filet that is not only a waste of your time and efforts, but of the life of the fish as well.
  • The Perfect Heat for Every MeatSteak: When it comes to cooking steak, size does matter. Thickness of 1” to 1 ½” is best, as pieces of meat less than 1” are more likely to dry out on the grill. To get started, Chef Waidner suggests lightly oiling the grilling rack before you begin to keep the meat from sticking and tearing. Pre-heat the grill for at least 30 to 45 minutes before placing the steaks on to ensure the grill is at its hottest (600-800 degrees). Grill for approximately five minutes on one side before turning and allowing the steak to cook through until preferred doneness.

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