The term rock star was coined by Randy Gage hence it’s been used by many other experts referring to a rare group of successful individuals in several different fields.

What is rock star status?  It does not necessarily mean playing a guitar or dressing like a rock star. However, what it does entail is living the life of a fabulously successful rock star due to a profitable career. With all the food shows across the airwaves. We now have Chef’s that are considered Rock Stars!

Whether, its Rock, R&B, Country or Pop, celebrities in the music industry have surreptitiously and gradually moved into the hospitality, restaurant and foodie culture. Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, Jimmy Buffet, Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper, Justin Timberlake and Toby Keith to name only a few.

Enter HIP-HOP, the music of a generation that has spawned a new breed of millionaires reaching rock star status. With access to large amounts of disposable income. Combining metro and an urban cosmopolitan lifestyle by creating a new profitable area in the hospitality branding market.

The Original Hip-Hop Chef Tye Atkins

Food & Beverage Magazine would like you to meet CHEF TYE ATKINS, founder of the Hip-Hop Chef brand, known in the industry as the
“The Original Hip-Hop Chef.”

One of the Hippest Celebrity Chef’s to toss his Chef hat into the culinary
arena. Like many of the Chef’s today. Chef Tye was inspired by his grandmother watching her prepare meals in the kitchen while he was doing after school chores. This inspiration was the driving force behind his desire to become a Professional Chef (Chef De Partie).

He states. “The same dish that you usually prepare and eat at home may differ
in taste to eating the same dish at a restaurant, you always find a
difference in both. This is because one dish is cooked by a professional
Chef.” This is how Chef Tye decided to make a difference in his cooking style as well as the quality of his menu.

This is the main reason his celebrity clientele continues to request his services to satisfy their palates and appetites.  All of these factors are the main driving force that has allowed the demands of this talented Chef Cuisine in the entertainment industry.


Chef Tye’s professional training began at Doubletree Hotel Restaurant under Executive Chef Jonah Brandon. As a Sous Chef, he was given the opportunity to cook for many celebrities. Inspiring his vision to become a Celebrity Chef.
By using cooking as a platform, he created the Hip-Hop Chef brand. Capitalizing on the rapid growth of this music sector and combining it with
the foodie industry.

This also gave him the leverage he needed to become the Premiere Chef’s for the Hip-Hop music and entertainment culture.

A highly skilled Chef with a thorough passion for cooking.  Not just one who
cooks a delicious meal but also makes it presentable by using his imagination and artistic presentation skills.

Highly innovative with a certain zeal for putting a twist on traditional cuisines.
He’s not your average Chef. He brings flavor to your kitchen table, with signature dishes such as “Hip Hop Chef 5-10 Stir Fry,” “Microphone Check Macaroni & Cheese”& “Freestyle Chicken & Waffles”. To name a few.

His cuisine and cooking style caught the attention of Def-Jam Records and
BET network.

Celebrity Chef Tye is a culinary artist known to the Music Entertainment,
and Hospitality Industry, as The One and Only “Original Hip Hop Chef.”
Cooking created his brand.

He is known for his swag, hip-hop dishes and unique and original recipes like FreeStyle Fried Chicken,  Microphone Check Mac & Cheese, Money Hungry Collard Greens and Hip-Hop Chef Tye 5-10 Stir Fry.

Over the years, Hip-Hop Chef Cookin’ Tye has prepared dishes and catered for major artists, celebrities, record label, management companies and brands like
Russell Simmons, Chief Rocker Busy Bee, LL Cool J, Kevin Liles, T.I., Coach K Management, Young Jeezy, Anthony Anderson, Carmello Anthony, Bun B., and Chris Thomas (The Mayor of Rap City). Visit www.theoriginalhiphopchef.com