Bruvado Imports’ mission isn’t just to import, it’s to transport. By offering the consumer quality authentic ingredients and one-of-a-kind packaging, the company provides an accessible and fun Mexican beverage experience. It all comes down to never compromising the integrity of the drinks. That’s why Bruvado’s lagers come from Cerveceria Mexicana, a beer producer that has the distinction of being the only Mexican-owned volume brewery and a time-honored source for clean-finished, satisfying beer. Bruvado Imports’ refreshingly authentic drinks and boldly imaginative blends stem from the company’s passion and reverence for Mexican heritage. Bruvado seeks inspiration by traveling south of the border, soaking up Mexican culture and bringing the party back to you. Bruvado Imports not only offers you the finest line of Mexican beverages, the company brings the beautiful tropics of Mexico straight to you, one sip at a time.

Bruvado Imports is located in Santa Cruz, California, a balmy locale nestled between beachy Southern California and freewheeling San Francisco. This cultural cross pollination—the chill vibe of surf culture meeting that endearingly quirky Bay Area spirit—inspires this company of libational visionaries.  How else do you explain the Chaser Packs?! Who else would have the nerve to challenge industry conventions?!

Bruvado brings you the first ever Chaser Pack. It’s a patented innovation that pairs upscale beers with top-shelf liquors—you get five beers and five shots. It’s a convenience and value driven package that’s portable and affordable. The Bruvado Tequila Chaser Pack fuels the fiesta with 5 premium Mexican lagers grouped with a bottle containing 5 shots of 100% Agave tequila. This shebang comes complete with shot glasses. The Bruvado Bourbon Chaser Pack pairs Bruvado’s distinct 5 Mexican lagers with a bottle containing 5 shots of the finest 4 year Oak Barrel Aged Kentucky bourbon.

You can also enjoy these beverages by themselves. Bruvado’s discriminating party palette ensures its products are merely enhanced when paired up because the company’s first priority is stand-alone quality.

The Bruvado Tequila is vintage 100% Agave tequila, aged traditionally in wooden barrels to provide the optimum balance of Agave and wood. The result is a premium Reposado tequila with a rich and smooth taste. Old world flavor and tradition—you need nothing more.  The Bruvado Bourbon is a silky Kentucky Bourbon aged four years, just the way they did it back in the day, when taste mattered! The bourbon is crafted from premium grains in aged, charred oak barrels. The Bruvado Bourbon is perfect savored, mixed, or chased by Bruvado Beer.  Both the Bruvado Tequila and Bruvado Bourbon are sold in unique 200ML (5 shot) bottles. The bottles are available individually or as a six-pack party pack.

The Bruvado beer recipe dates back to 1923 and is the pride of a family-owned brewery in a small Baja, California town. The brewery fuses the family’s high standards with today’s finest technical advances in fine brewing for a modernly crafted classic. It’s a crisp, refreshing beer brewed for an extended time at ice cold temperatures to get a clean taste with a light, non-filling body. Enjoy Bruvado beer in traditional GLASS six-packs or grab a 24 ounce can at your favorite corner store.

Bruvado suggests you enjoy its beer as part of a Michelada which is an authentic Mexican drink somewhere between the zesty goodness of a mixed drink and the refreshing boldness of a beer. Check out the fresh Michelada Kit that provides all of the ingredients, including the Bruvado Premium Mexican Lager, to let you mix your Michelada your way.

Let Bruvado Imports “Bring More to Your Party”—make every party a fiesta with the Bruvado Imports beverage experience.