California Avocado Commission — Fresh California Avocados Make the Sandwich

California Avocado Commission — Fresh California Avocados Make the SandwichSTACK IT, GRILL IT, OR PUT AN EGG ON IT

Irvine, CA (June 22, 2015) — A sandwich is a sandwich is a sandwich, until you add Fresh California Avocado. Whether you stack on slices, mix dices into signature fillings or mash chunks into tasty spreads, Fresh California Avocados enhance a sandwich build with subtle flavor, rich texture and undeniable appeal.

California Avocado Commission — Fresh California Avocados Make the SandwichA bounty of prime season Fresh California Avocados reinforces this popular fruit’s menu versatility. In the Lobster California Avocado Club Sandwich, Fresh California Avocados pair with Maine lobster to elevate classic lunch fare to a whole new level of indulgence. Hot off the grill, Fresh California Avocados provide a smooth, satisfying layer of flavor in the Grilled Ham, California Avocado and Gouda Panini. At breakfast, move avocado toast to the power meal category. Simply pile on bacon and an egg to create Jesse’s Favorite Egg, California Avocado and Bacon Sandwich.

To find more inspired Fresh California Avocado sandwich fillings and recipes, browse the recipe database at While on the site, take advantage of resources to optimize Fresh California Avocado usage: nutrition, selection, storage and handling information. Complete the POS order form to receive The Magic of California Avocados recipe booklet, or call 800-370-3782.

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