Can the Mattress Relieve Your Back Pain?

Back pain is an unpleasant and widespread health problem that really complicates life. The source of most problems is a poor bed that does not contribute to the relaxation of the spine. Sometimes beds or sofas are dangerous at all. Poor sleep is another bunch of potential problems in everyday life: from drowsiness and pain to decreased productivity at work and some pathologies. An orthopedic mattress can prevent and even correct a problem.

The choice of the proper product is not that difficult as it seems at first. After all, you are well aware of your needs and limitations, and you know what is best for you. At the same time, when choosing the bedding, also check out sealy posturepedic mattress reviews.

Adjustment of the sleeping place properties may be required if the following diseases are present:
 scoliosis;
 osteoarthritis;
 osteochondrosis;
 radiculitis (sciatica);
 intervertebral hernia.

For scoliosis mainly consider the level of rigidity — medium or high (depending on the weight of the user). There are models in which the parties cover different levels of tension — they are universal, suitable for almost everyone. Memory foam and thermogel are recommended additional features. The first item weakens the pressure on the bones, joints, and the cooling gel reduces the risk of inflammation.

For osteoarthritis choose sleeping surfaces with a solid base, which should support the joints in the correct position. The easiest way to determine compliance is to lie down on the product and ask someone to evaluate how straight your back is. One more option is a mattress with a softening sheet. The base should not be pressed too hard — a small soft layer, such as memory foam, is needed between it and the body.

For osteochondrosis, there is no “magic” model that will suit everyone without exception. This disease affects different parts of the back and muscle groups. Therefore, the main recommendation is to focus on personal comfort. Please note that the mattress should have at least seven levels of hardness. The main task of the sleeping surface is to reduce the compression, myofascial syndromes.

For radicular pain, a sleeping surface with a solid base should be used. It seems that the soft models are more comfortable, but the lack of full support can result in a sudden painful “shot” (lumbago). Softening options are also suitable. The base should not push, provoke muscle tension — a small “drowning” (cocoon effect) is welcomed.

A well-chosen mattress almost completely guarantees that the hernia will not appear (if there is only a predisposition) or become less painful. The main buying criteria are non-sag support (foam or latex), cooling (in case of overt inflammatory processes), a combination of support (the base should be rigid).

In all cases, an inappropriate bed will cause pain while a suitable option will almost always help to get rid of unpleasant sensations. Proper bed rest is also a prevention of diseases of the back. Prevention is possible with the correct mattress that supports the spine in its natural position. The correct level of stiffness is the key to not having excessive pressure on the bones and joints. The pose can be changed at any time, the muscles do not strain, blood circulation does not interfere.

Additionally, consider:
 types of fillers (dependent and independent springs, PPU, latex, coir, etc.);
 height of the product (to get up comfortably, to lie down);
 rigidity zones (can be up to seven in one product).

The acquisition is also influenced by:
 age of the user (the older the person, the softer the upper layer of filler should be);
 user weight (some products have a maximum load limit, which depends on the model);
 the number of users (independent springs are the best option for double surfaces because they do not allow to “drag” behind the neighbor — each user remains on the half of a bed, without moving to the center).

Quality sleep is priceless. It affects your health, well-being and, ultimately, your daily life. An inappropriate sleeping surface can lead to back pain. As you can see, a properly chosen mattress will really help you to cope with existing back problems and prevent new ones.