Celebrate Earth Day with Beso Del Sol

With Earth Day a mere week away, it’s about time you start decreasing your carbon footprint

And what better way to do that than by enjoying a tall glass of sangria? Yes, I said sangria!

Celebrate Earth Day with Beso Del SolBeso Del Sol Sangria – the first super-premium sangria available in a 3 liter boxed format – is your golden ticket to reducing waste this year. With bag-in-box packaging, Beso Del Sol’s sustainable container also eliminates a large amount of restaurant waste, to the tune of thousands of glass wine bottles no longer being dumped by delivering a delicious, ready-to-drink sangria right from the start.

The box, which holds 4 bottles of wine, translates into more storage and less waste for beverage directors and baristas. The package is recyclable and can easily be broken down. The bag within the box design even provides a 6-week shelf life, which is impossible to achieve once a traditional bottle of wine is opened.

Fresh on shelves this month, Beso was introduced in a 500mL grab-and-go Tetra Pak, available in both red and white varietals. The world-renowned sustainable packaging makes for easy clean up and even better…no spills or glass breakage! Tetra is not only changing the face of the food and beverage industry, but also the well-being of our entire earth.

Celebrate Earth Day with Beso Del Sol3 Ways Tetra’s Protect Food, People and Futures:

  • Tetra has worked tirelessly to bring healthy, nutritious, formulated products to millions of people often living in remote locations
  • The brand ensures the well-being of their 23,000+ workforce by ensuring their safety, welfare, well-being and continuous development as an investment rather than a cost
  • With an end-goal of fully renewable packaging, Tetra is looking for ways to extend the fully renewable concept to its entire portfolio


This Earth Day on April 22nd, you can make a difference by picking up some environmentally friendly, palate-pleasing sangria!

Additional ways to reduce your footprint:

  • Take showers instead of baths – taking a bath consumes an estimated 80 liters of water compared to showers which consume an economical 35 liters of water!
  • BYOMTW – Bring Your Own Mug To Work, instead of forgetting to recycle your paper cup, simply wash out your favorite mug and show it off!
  • Stick to Online – whether it be reading the morning news, paying your credit card bill or even shopping for a new set of wheels to bike to work, shop online and keep the emissions and paper usage to a minimum!