Celebrate National Oyster Day With the Perfect French Food and Drink Pairing – 8/5

Oyster fans rejoice – National Oyster Day is coming up on Wednesday, August 5th. This beloved delicacy is the ultimate summer indulgence, and while travel and dining opportunities remain limited, we’re sharing a food and cocktail pairing that is sure to bring the south of France stateside. On August 5th, transport yourself to a sea-side town with fresh oysters paired with a Noilly Prat cocktail, the original French Vermouth made by the sea.

Noilly Prat has a long-held association with the sea, as its unique outdoor aging process is inspired by the transportation of wines on the open decks of sailing ships. In its hometown of Marseillan, France, it’s tradition to serve the vermouth alongside fresh oysters from the neighboring village of Bouzigues. It’s no wonder that the flavor of Noilly Prat Original Dry pairs perfectly with the sweet and briny flavors of an oyster. If you can’t get your hands on Bouzigues oysters – not to worry – a Noilly Prat cocktail pairs perfectly with your preferred variety on the half shell.


2.5oz Noilly Prat Original Dry

1 Twist of lemon

Ice Ball (or large ice cubes)


Pour Noilly Prat Original Dry over ice and stir once. Squeeze the lemon peel over the glass to release its essential oils. Garnish with the twist of lemon.

*Serve alongside six fresh Oysters for the traditional southern French tasting experience