Chef Adrianne Calvo

Chef Adrianne CalvoChef Adrianne has made quite a name for herself, both due to the success of her restaurant and due to her accomplishments as a celebrity chef. This lines her up perfectly with your Chefs, Food, Nutrition, Cooking & Baking, and Meat & Poultry pieces.

Adrianne  Calvo,  chef,  author, television personality, and restaurateur has been in the business of reinvigorating taste buds since 2007.  With  four  cookbooks  under  her  belt:  Maximum  Flavor (2005),  Chef  Adrianne:  Driven  by  Flavor  Fueled  by  Fire  (2008),  #MaximumFlavorS ocial  (2014) and  Play  with  Fire  (2015), Calvo has cooked up an extensive inventory of recipes reflecting tastes from across her experiences as a  chef  and  worldwide  travels.  Her restaurant,  Chef  Adrianne’s Vineyard  Restaurant, and  Wine  Bar,  located  in  Kendall, Florida dazzle the surrounding area with its sophistication and rotating menu.  Suitably so, Adrianne is passionate about ensuring Maximum  Flavor  and  truly  evoking  the  sense  of  taste.  Chef  Adrianne’s  Vineyard Restaurant and Wine  Bar offer “Dark  Dining”  once  a  month  where  guests  are  blindfolded  for  a  sensual experience eliminating one sense in order to enhance another.  Throughout her career, Calvo has had the honor of being the youngest person to cook for the United  Nations  and  its  ambassadors.

Also bearing her craft to CNN  correspondents, representatives from Gourmet,  Food  Network, Bon  Appetite,  and  Saveur.  When Adrianne isn’t in her kitchen, she’s in NBC’s kitchen for “6  in the  Mix” offering up delicious recipes or  some wayfinding herself  in the kitchens of charities like St.  Jude’s  Hospital  where  her  and  her  foundation  “Make  it  Count”,  cook for the families and patients.  True  to  her  craft,  Chef  Adrianne  develops  a  relationship with her guests all the way from the kitchen to the table.  Throughout  the  years,  Chef Adrianne’s has staggered a number of accolades including Best  Chef  Miami,  Best  Chef  Florida,  Best  Restaurant  Miami.