Chef Chantal Jarrett—Channy J’s Catering: Detroit, MI

Chantal Jarrett, also known as Chef Channy J is a Celebrity Chef and Lifestyle Specialist in Metro Detroit. Channy has released her own collection of Black Owned Organic spices and Sea-Moss Goods. She specializes in meal preparation to the stars and everyday professional entrepreneurs, and her recipes are available in a collection of 8 e-books based on a healthy diet. Channy J’s Catering is available to travel to a city near you.

Channy J’s Catering Featured in Food & Beverage Magazine

Chantal (Channy J) Jarrett has mastered the fusion of passion and authentic Caribbean influence. Born and raised in Clarendon, Jamaica, Channy J. turned to cooking as a creative outlet to outwardly express love and comfort while sharing her culture with others.

Channy J’s detox and smoothie kits are a pandemic essential, allowing you to satisfy your tastebuds and build a strong immune system which is necessary in fighting off Covid-19. These are pre-packaged, handcrafted smoothie kits.

Channy J believes you can indulge in luxury fine dining in the comforts of your own home, beach or even backyard.

Ready to get snatched for 2021? Contact Channy J. she has the recipe to shed those quarantine pounds and have you looking like a snack.

She is available for booking through a virtual consultation for meal prep needs, cooking classes and catering at

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