Chef Cidtastic—San Antonio, TX

From Chef Cidney,

“I started cooking when I was 12 in the kitchen with my older sister. She was doing different dishes and I was intrigued, plus she was getting all the attention and I couldn’t have that.

I got my first job at a fast food place named Whataburger and I loved it. Most kids that worked there were just getting a check, I was truly passionate and felt I’d found my calling.

In high school I went to the notorious school in the city famous for its sports teams, I played tennis and had potential. The school split and my class got to choose which we went to. I chose the new school solely because it was the one with the culinary program. I joined FCCLA and competed in culinary competitions regionally and state wide. Then a rep from Johnson and Wales came to talk to us and I was in awe!

I earned my Associate’s degree and began my career working in various places. Retirement community, sushi chef, Papadeux seafood kitchen, a wine bar where I would be executive chef, and private chef services in Atlanta.

While working at the private chef services I ended up tearing my Achilles and having to move back to San Antonio which I would have never done on my own. I was on one leg, in a boot, and started working at a healthy lunch place, a burger bar, an upscale bar/restaurant, and fine dining steak restaurant.

I happened to be in the right place at the right time (at a bar drinking my worries away) and met a chef that cooked for one of the NBA Spurs. He passed my name along and I got the chance to trial cook for one. He ended up telling me it wasn’t the right fit. But soon after I got a call to cook for another player. I trial cooked for him and his wife and they asked me to come back.

3 months after working with them they asked me to go to Hawaii for the summer with them. That same summer we also went to Australia. I’ve been with them for 3 years and couldn’t have better clients. I’m able to continue building my brand while having a great schedule with them. I had a baby while working for them and they even let me bring my baby with us to Hawaii.

As far as my brand I am now focusing on my son and having him be involved. We have a YouTube channel I just started and one of the series is kitchen roulette where we roll a die and randomly choose ingredients and have to make magic. I’m also creating a custom apron line under his name. I’m writing a cookbook and I do private dinner parties in Texas.

Our possibilities are endless and I’m so proud of my story but I’m even prouder I’m not afraid to do scary things to be better and greater and leave our good vibrations on people.”

Instagram: @therealchefcidtastic