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Chef Highlight – Chef Cj

8 year Army Veteran, Chef Cj began his culinary career in the Halls of the Army Chow Hall, KP duty to be exact, a duty given to the newer soldiers after basic training. Working in the kitchen under high levels of stress was the norm for Chef Cj, born Christopher Jones. This wasn’t a normal normal kitchen but a combat kitchen with Army and Air force Chefs. Chef CJ can only compare it to what working under Gordon Ramsey daily must feel like. 

From Army Kitchen Runt to entrepreneur and Chef, Chef CJ has accomplished much and has a lot to be grateful for. Chef has participated in multiple cooking competitions including The Avenues, Breaking Bread 2022, and the Army Victorinox grilling competition. 

Retiring from the military and opening up his own catering company, Distinguished Gentleman, and food truck, Noah Joes, Chef Cj has taken the next step in his culinary evolution. Chef credits becoming one of the south’s most well-known catering companies to his innovative style which has sparked some new flavorful kitchen concept, mixing Creole with a midwest flare. 

Chef Cj’s next big move will be opening up a fine dining restaurant and lounge, as well as franchising the Noah Joes food truck concept. Stay on the lookout for Chef Cj’s mobile Chef app set to launch this fall, receive updates here.

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