Floyd Mayweather’s Chef Q gives F&B Magazine the scoop on What Fuels The Champion

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Chef Q, the private chef of World Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather, gives Food & Beverage Magazine an inside look into “What Fuels The Champion.”

Floyd Mayweather’s Chef Q gives F&B Magazine the scoop on What Fuels The Champion

“Floyd Mayweather’s typical meal consists of all types of meat so he and others on the team have options like beef, turkey, chicken and a seafood dish paired with a starch. 9 times out of 10 he loves my broccoli WITH EVERYTHING!”

“Champs favorite meal would be Oxtails, BBQ Beef, Beef Spaghetti or Beef Tacos. Lol we have these just about every week!”

Floyd Mayweather’s Chef Q gives F&B Magazine the scoop on What Fuels The ChampionThe proud parents of Quiana Shanai Jeffries recognized early on that there was something special about their daughter. She had great awareness, determination and creativity at such a young age, especially when it came to matters in her family kitchen. As a child, Quiana stayed busy in that kitchen! She was always emptying out her mothers Tupperware with great curiosity, wanting to know how food became magically transformed into delectable dishes. Years later, her ‘Granny’ had a vision and decided to put a spoon in her right hand and a pot in her left and said “OK, lets cook”. ‘Granny’ then began to teach Quiana all the basics she would need to know that would later help her advance in her culinary career. In essence, Granny gave the young Quiana the necessary ingredients to put in every single dish she prepared- passion, soul, and love.

By the tender age of 10, Quiana’s vision for herself was clear. She dreamed of being one of the greatest chefs ever known to mankind. She adopted a quote from champion boxing icon Muhammad Ali as her own personal life affirmation. “I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was.”

In 2003, Quiana decided to enhance her knowledge and further hone her skills in the kitchen. She enrolled in the renowned Culinary Arts School Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, California. There, she learned to perfect her passion in cooking. During her studies, Quiana was exposed to another genre of culinary expertise, adding French cuisine to her arsenal. She graduated in 2005, and that is when ‘Chef Q’ was born.

Chef Q, a native of Los Angeles, CA, holds a strong belief in giving back to her community. She volunteers her superb cooking skills to the Los Angeles Police department downtown every Thanksgiving. She also volunteers her time and talent to underprivileged high school students at William and Carol Ouchi High School. She has her Catering Company called Chefism that offers a fresh and edgy take on Southern Cuisine. Currently you can find her “beasting” in Floyd Mayweather’s kitchen as his Private Chef. But the journey doesn’t stop here for Chef Q. Her biggest aspirations have yet to come, such as owning her own reality cooking show on Oprah’s OWN Network and continuing to create unbelievable savory culinary masterpieces. “Belief is the fulfillment of what’s already been made true.” She is the greatest, and she said that before she knew it.

  • Chef Q’s favorite utensil in the kitchen is a non stick skillet.
  • Secret ingredient: Cumin
  • Favorite personal restaurant is Mdears bakery and bistro located in LA and Long Beach -Carrie Reese is the owner