Chefs Get 2x the Efficiency with 2 New AUTEC Sushi Robots!

AUTEC, the nation’s leading commercial sushi robot provider, has launched two new sushi robots on their website that are designed to double kitchen efficiency and elevate sushi menus with innovative dishes. Get to know the latest innovations here:


🍣ASM895A Maki Maker

The ASM895A Maki Maker crafts rice sheets of various thicknesses and dimensions with customizable settings, making it perfect for creating sushi rolls, sushi burritos, and more. The robot features a new auto-supply function to produce up to 1,300 flawless rice sheets per hour (one every 3 seconds) without the manual need to press a button for each sheet. Once a rice sheet is removed, another is created automatically and by selecting the double rice sheet mode, chefs can simultaneously make two sheets to double their efficiency! The compact design of the new ASM895A allows it to easily fit in tight spaces such as under shelves and on countertops.


🍣ASM575A Onigiri Maker

The ASM575A Onigiri Maker is an integral tool to take advantage of onigiri’s rising popularity. The robot expertly creates sushi balls of various shapes and sizes with the perfect air-to-rice ratio and fluffy texture. Single and multiple rice ball modes produce up to 1,900 rice balls per hour (1.8 – 2.8 seconds per rice ball). This innovation is ideal for dishes like Omusubi, Spam Musubi, Makunouchi, Rice Sandwiches, and more!


AUTEC has been at the forefront of commercial food robotics for over 20 years, offering a complete sushi kit to help food service businesses simplify operations and maximize performance and profits while preserving the artistry of sushi craftsmanship.