CIL US Wine & Spirits Signs Agreement with Domaine Pinnacle to Distribute Ungava Gin

CIL US Wine & Spirits Signs Agreement with Domaine Pinnacle to Distribute Ungava GinCIL US Wines & Spirits – the American subsidiary of independent and family-owned CAMUS Wines & Spirits – and Domaine Pinnacle today announced a distribution agreement providing CIL US with the immediate and exclusive right to distribute Ungava Canadian Premium Gin in the US.

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin originates in the northern Québec frontier where the vast tundra meets icy seas. Ungava derives its unique bouquet, complex flavor and signature yellow color from six rare botanicals – Nordic Juniper, Wild Rose Hips, Cloudberry, Crowberry, Arctic Blend and Labrador Tea – which are handpicked by the native Inuit tribe during the brief summer months and handcrafted in small batches, producing a 100% natural Gin.

Ungava was launched in 2012 and is available in 60 countries. The brand has enjoyed noticeable success in Europe and has already earned several international spirit awards. It is exquisitely well-balanced with fresh floral and spicy notes, and has become a favorite among European mixologists and bartenders alike.

Ungava will launch in Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky in June, and will be available in 18 US states by the end of the year.

“We are very pleased to be working with CAMUS to distribute our award-winning Ungava Canadian Premium Gin in the United States,” said Charles Crawford, President and Founder, Domaine Pinnacle. “We have worked closely with CAMUS for more than a decade and have had the opportunity to develop an excellent relationship with their team built upon shared long-term values of product excellence and customer focus. Given their unparalleled expertise and understanding of worldwide markets and their particular experience with premium spirits brands, we believe that the CAMUS team is exceptionally well-positioned to promote Ungava to the world’s biggest premium gin market.”

“As is the case with most spirit categories, Gin consumers are looking for quality, natural products,” said Matthew Grace, CEO, CIL US Wines & Spirits. “Ungava will contribute to the dynamism of the premium and super-premium Gin category and bring retailers and distributors an innovative option. Ungava joins the CIL portfolio at the ideal time – when consumer passion for classic cocktails is merging with the thriving demand for authentic, craft brands.”

Adorned by a brilliant mantle of ice and snow for nearly nine months of the year, the territory of Ungava is a place of indescribable beauty punctuated by the celestial light show of the aurora borealis, immense landscapes, deep valleys sheltering majestic waterways, countless lakes of astounding clarity, teeming wildlife, and ice floes that drift silently “toward the open water”.This magnificent land has been home to the Inuit people and their ancestors for thousands of years. Still nomadic two generations ago, the Inuit have settled in villages along the coast or at the river deltas where, every summer, they continue to hunt, fish and harvest the precious vegetation of the tundra before the onset of another long, hard winter. With total respect for the environment and Inuit traditions, the rare plants and berries that impart Ungava Gin’s unique bouquet are delicately picked and selected by hand.

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin (43.1% ABV) is available in 750ml (SRP: $32.99).


  • 2014 – Gold Medal at World Spirits Award
  • 2013 – Gold Medal at World Spirits Award & SIP Awards
  • 2012 – 92 Points (Category Extra Dry Martini) Ultimate Cocktail Challenge
  • 2012 – 90 Points (Category Aviation) “Excellent, Highly Recommended,” Ultimate Cocktail Challenge

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