Cocktail randomiser chooses your next Halloween drink for you

With so many people facing the fact that they’ll have to stay inside for Halloween and even having to make do with a virtual Halloween party with friends and family, Bring Me Drink realised that they might not know of any spooky cocktails for their big night. And so, they’ve put together a spooky cocktail spinner for anyone to use!

With a range of different cocktail ideas on there and more to come, the Halloween cocktail spinner is just a fun, easy way to come up with drink ideas for you, your friends and your family. Whether you’re about to virtually party with everyone you know or just watch a film with your family, Bring Me Drink wanted to add a little extra to your Halloween celebrations.

They’ve even got a sale on so you can get all of your favourite drinks delivered to your door before Halloween starts.

James Lewin of Bring Me Drink said; “All we wanted to do is create something that people might enjoy using throughout Halloween. After realising that so many won’t, shouldn’t or can’t go out to pubs or clubs, some people might need a little inspiration for their spooky beverages. So, here’s the Halloween cocktail spinner to help you out.”

The cocktail spinner is free to use and is still being updated with new spooky themed drinks for everyone to try.