Come to Delightful Pastries Celebrate National Blueberry Month This July

Come to Delightful Pastries Celebrate National Blueberry Month This JulyNot all bakeries are created equally, but at Delightful Pastries, you can expect only the best and their blueberry treats are no exception. National Blueberry Month is the perfect reason to stop by and try all of Delightful Pastries’ brilliant blueberry menu items. Kick start your day with a fruity blueberry turnover ($1.70) or a sweet and tart blueberry scone ($3). No pastry menu would be complete without a blueberry muffin and Delightful Pastries’ fluffy blueberry muffin ($1.75-$2.50) is sure to not to disappoint.

Unique to Delightful Pastries’ offerings are the blueberry pierogi ($6-$9), authentic Polish dumplings, handmade and stuffed with local blueberries, sure to make a refreshing, fruity meal.

Add some blue to any meal by picking up a lemon mousse cup (call for pricing), appropriately topped with blueberries.

Back to Basics with Delightful Pastries Breakfast Breads
Combat the gluten-free craze with these gluten-full and fantastic breakfast breads, made fresh at Delightful Pastries. Grab a slice of the apple cinnamon bread ($8-$8.50 per loaf), a perfect match of a spongy and sweet. Why not double your caffeine fix with a coffee and a loaf of coffee cake ($8.50-$9 per). The marble pound cake ($8-8.50), among endless other options, are sure to please.

Come to Delightful Pastries Celebrate National Blueberry Month This JulyDelightful Pastries is Coming to You at Many of Chicago’s Farmers Markets
Pastry lovers will be right at home visiting Delightful Pastries at the many farmers markets in which they participate. Having lived throughout Europe, co-owner and chef Dobra Bielenski is familiar with and inspired by the outdoor market scene. Despite growing success with three Delightful Pastries locations, Bielenski remains loyal to Chicago farmers markets. For 15 years, Delightful Pastries has appeared at countless outdoors markets, bringing the magic of Delightful Pastries to the streets of Chicago.

Come see for yourself the magic in Delightful Pastries outdoor markets at the Argyle Night Market, Lincoln Square Market, Daley Plaza Market, Division Street Market and Independence Park Market.

Just a spoonful of sugar…Come to Delightful Pastries July 9 for National Sugar Cookie Day
Some things never go out of style and sugar cookies are most certainly one of them. Delightful Pastries wants to celebrate the simple genius of a sugar cookie with all of Chicago during National Sugar Cookie Day. See how Delightful Pastries unleashes their creativity with their classic sugar cookies baked fresh daily. With whimsical flower and animal shapes, these cookies are both sweet to look at and eat ($1-$4 or 18.99 per lb.). Instead of a bouquet of flowers, grab as many of the sugar cookie lollipops as you can to make a bouquet of sugar cookies ($2.99).

Come to Delightful Pastries Celebrate National Blueberry Month This JulySaucy Junk Food at Delightful Pastries for National Junk Food Day, July 21
It seems odd to call the delicious and fresh food at Delightful Pastries junk, but if there’s ever a day to do so, it’s National Junk Food Day. To commemorate everyone’s favorite food group, junk food, Delightful Pastries will be serving up a special of pork nuggets, usually featured in the Three Piggly Wigglys Sandwich ($10).

This special pork nugget will be served alongside three freshly made sauces ($6). The original sauce options include a Japanese inspired sauce, made with teriyaki and mayo, Thai Cowboy sauce, made with buttermilk ranch and homemade sriracha and What the Puck sauce, a homemade barbecue sauce with ghost chili pepper and bourbon.

When it comes to junk food, no matter what your weapon of choice, Delightful Pastries has got you covered, with sweet and savory treats.

Things are Getting Especially Cheesy at Delightful Pastries on July 30
Delightful Pastries is ready to set the record straight that Chicago does everything better than New York with their New York Style Cheesecake. Take a slice out of the Windy City and see Delightful Pastries’ masterful New York Strawberry Cheesecake on July 30. This rich cheesecake is made with cream cheese, sour cream and Nielsen Massey bourbon vanilla, topped with fresh and homemade strawberry toppings. This summery dish is available by the slice ($3-5.25). For more information please visit for more information.