Cook Together, Eat Together

In today’s fast-paced world, many people find themselves waiting in line at fast food restaurants more often than gathering around the dinner table with loved ones. Cooking and eating together can help
families grow closer, but it can be challenging for parents to put a meal on the table when time is limited and money is tight.

Cook Together, Eat Together is designed to help families enjoy more home-cooked, healthy meals. Featuring easy recipes for breakfast dishes, soups, vegetables, salads, and one-pot meals, the
book lays out a strategy to enable families to spend more quality time together while also preparing foods that are affordable and delicious.

In addition, the authors provide a toolkit for lifestyle changes, including budgeting tips, nutrition guides, breakdowns explaining how to evaluate food labels, and even a quick guide to shopping smart
at the farmers market. Each recipe comes with useful information—from preparation tricks that help reduce mess, to ideas for how to use leftovers, all the way to icebreakers for starting fun conversations
around the table.

The no-nonsense, nutritious recipes in this cookbook are designed to get the whole family in the kitchen, enjoying comforting foods, and making memories. Cook Together, Eat Together serves up tasty, budget-friendly dishes that home cooks and their kids can prepare with less stress.

University of Kentucky, Cooperative Extension Service, Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Extension represents a group of educators sharing the university’s research knowledge with individuals, families,
and communities to improve quality of life. FCS concentrates on the community as the classroom, delivering programs focusing on nutrition, health, resource management, family development, and
civic engagement.