Coyote Outdoor Living Introduces New Compact Professional Grill

Coyote Outdoor Living Introduces New Compact Professional GrillThe compact game isn’t just limited to luxury cars. Coyote Outdoor Living, a Dallas-based innovator of high-quality stainless steel grills and accessories, recently introduced the newest edition to Coyote Outdoor Living’s suite of grills, the preassembled CCX2, or “Grill-in-a-Box.” This compact grill is a perfect solution for outdoor chefs with limited space.
The 28-inch grill saves space and provides mobility, without compromising the performance, professional quality and design of Coyote’s C-series grill line. Meeting the needs of even the most demanding grill masters, the C-Series Grill in a Box includes two high-performance Coyote iBurners burning at up to 40,000 BTUs.


The stainless steel charcoal drawer comes with crank assembly to control the height andCoyote Outdoor Living Introduces New Compact Professional Grill heat of charcoal. Burners aside, the CCX2 also features a warming rack and performance enhancing Heat Control GridsTM to keep flame up’s at bay. Its interior hood also lights up so you can grill to perfection at night. Though compact enough to fit in a variety of outdoor spaces, Grill in a Box provides 640 square inches of high-performance cooking area, providing plenty of space and heat for almost any feast. For those looking to add to their grilling repertoire, available options include a rotisserie kit, perfect for grilling pineapple and kebobs,  and a smoker kit to add an authentic, smoked flavor to a variety of recipes.


Coyote Outdoor Living Grill in a Box (CCX2)


The company also recently introduced the Coyote Power Burner. With Teppanyaki, wok and lobster pot attachments, the Power Burner is perfect for flipping pancakes, hosting a lobster cookout or mixing is up with a little Asian fusion.


Coyote Outdoor Refreshment Center and Power Burner


Other recent additions to Coyote’s product line include a fully equipped refreshment center with built in sink/faucet and a sturdy, self-insulated drop-in cooler, this 30″ refreshment center makes total food preparation and chilling beverages a breeze. It also features a bottle holder and bottle opener perfect for cooling down as your grill.


Coyote Outdoor Living was founded in 2010 by Jim Ginocchi, a former construction attorney who learned the business while working fCoyote Outdoor Living Introduces New Compact Professional Grillor the commercial arm of Home Depot. Later, he launched a b-to-b division for specialty chain Barbeques Galore. After 15 years of industry experience in the indoor and outdoor building, Ginocchi identified a need for an outdoor kitchen manufacturer that produced high-quality products at accessible prices. He noticed that it was becoming increasingly difficult for contractors and customers to find a complete suite of grill and accessory lines that would last and be competitively priced. Thus Coyote Outdoor Living was born. The brand now manufactures high-quality grills and related accessories at a price point and quality standpoint accessible to all outdoor living connoisseurs.  Their products can be purchased throughout North and South America and the Caribbean and are available through a large network of distributors.