Craft Wineries & Craft Wine To Get Recognition at the Global Wine Awards

Mark Norman CEO and Founder at Craft Beverage Corporation

Craft Wineries & Craft Wine To Get Recognition at the Global Wine AwardsWe are proud to announce that Craft Beverage Corporation will be working together in cooperation with the Global Wine Awards in an effort to promote all wines but especially craft wineries and wines.

The first annual Global Wine Awards are working in partnership with the Food & Beverage Magazine to create an unique event to be held in late May (the 20th through the 23rd) in Las Vegas, the City of Entertainment. Every effort is being made to encourage small production wineries to enter and get their share of the spotlight.

For those wineries wishing to enter ( please utilize the code CBC to get a 10% discount on the first 4 wines being entered. Those wineries entering 5 wines will only pay for 4 and will get the fifth wine free (again please use the code CBC for the discount). Please make sure to indicate whether your winery is craft (under 5,000 case production) or that a wine is a micro production wine (under a 1,000 cases for that specific wine).

For those wineries interested in entering more than 5 wines please contact me directly ( to get additional discount on the entry fee.

More than just winning an award the Global Wine Awards organization will work with the Food & Beverage magazine to develop a digital book that will be published as part of the online version of the magazine once the competition is over. Additionally the Craft Beverage Corporation will utilize our extensive reach to get the digital book in front of as many wine lovers as possible throughout the summer and into the fall.

There are hundreds of categories and the competition will be global..entries from any country are welcome!

Just this week Food & Beverage published a story of the new Craft Wine Association developed by Carole Lawson that showcases the effort to certify those wineries and wines that are craft by providing an easily recognizable label. Craft Beverage Corporation has been working in an alliance with the Craft Wine Association since last summer.

Please email me (Mark Norman) if you have any questions.