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Culinary Trailblazer & Michelin-Starred Chef John Fraser to Lead Exclusive Dining Program at The Residences at Winthrop Center

Developer MP Boston has announced the appointment of restaurateur and Michelin-starred Chef John Fraser to lead the culinary program at The Residences at Winthrop Center in the heart of Boston. The signature dining experience will be exclusive to residents and their guests in the 691-foot mixed-use building. Acclaimed for redefining the role of vegetables in American cuisine, the New York-based chef has showcased his innovative approach to plant-based dining in fine dining restaurants and nostalgic neighborhood brasseries, earning praise for delivering delicious, inventive dishes with strong visual impact.


Slated to open in early 2023, Winthrop Center is comprised of 510,000 square feet of residential space, including 317 luxury residences. Additionally, Winthrop Center features 812,000 square feet of Global Class A office space and is the world’s largest office building to seek Passive House certification, modeling the most energy efficient solution for large scale buildings. In addition to setting a new global standard for building performance and energy conservation, Winthrop Center will exceed expectations for a home, with a flexible live/work environment and amenities that deliver physical, mental, and social wellness benefits to residents.


“John harnesses the power of food to make a positive impact on people’s lives, which aligns perfectly with the forward-thinking health and wellness distinctions of Winthrop Center,” said Principal of MP Boston, Richard Baumert.


John refined his fine dining expertise under the mentorship of Thomas Keller at The French Laundry in the Napa Valley, before moving abroad to Paris to work at the revered fine dining restaurants Taillevent and Maison Blanche. After moving to New York City in the early 2000s, he delved into his Greek heritage and worked at Snack Taverna in West Village, before opening his restaurant Dovetail in the Upper West Side in 2007, which received myriad accolades from critics, including three stars from The New York Times and a coveted Michelin star.


“Throughout my career, I’ve always strived to push the boundaries of culinary experiences, delivering the unexpected and creating new favorites,” said John. “The Residences at Winthrop Center advances a more conscious lifestyle without compromising luxury, just as I aim to make vegetable-centric dishes that are healthy and crave-able.”


A vision to create the entire hospitality experience inspired John to establish his own hospitality group, JF Restaurants based in New York City, with venues across the country. A common thread throughout his restaurants is a celebration of plant-based dining, a focus that stems from John’s childhood in Los Angeles, where he grew up surrounded by fresh, vibrant California produce.


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