Design that “Pops” adds to dining pleasure at “Greek Bites Grill”

Spiro Laopodis, the owner of the new Greek Bites Grill in Southampton, wanted a restaurant which worked with fine but casual dining, so he called in bi-coastal designer Jack Snyder to produce an exceptional environment for the grill.

“Spiro and I wanted to give the customer the casual feel and comfort of Southampton, with the same comfort you experience in Greece,” says Snyder.  “And we succeeded.”

“It is not your ‘traditional’ Greek look of white washed walls with blue accents but features a finer detailing to the overall design,” he says. “You almost think you have walked into a yacht –  the shape of the ceiling reminds one of the bow of a boat and the lighting creates the feel of dining on one.”

“There are authentic elements to the design, with chipped stone around the fireplace and the white stone-pebbled entrance. The traditional oil jar, Corinthian coffee tables, and the pillows with Greek keys all complement the experience of Greek dining in Southampton.”

Spiro Laopodis, who formerly worked under Sirio Maccioni at the famed LeCirque, characterizes the food at Greek Bites Grill as, “classic, authentic Greek cuisine made fresh and fast.”