Devotion Vodka Added to Red Robin “Ziosk 7” Touchscreen Program in Pennsylvania

Devotion Vodka Added to Red Robin “Ziosk 7” Touchscreen Program in PennsylvaniaWith 19 Red Robin locations in Pennsylvania outfitted with “Ziosk 7” touchscreen devices to enhance the customer dining experience, Devotion Spirits, Inc., makers of Devotion Vodka, the world’s first gluten-free, sugar-free, and 100% Made in the USA flavored vodka family, recently announced that Devotion Vodka specialty drinks will be available to adult consumers — over the age of 21 — through the Ziosk program.

The primary purpose of the Ziosk technology is to enhance the guest experience, assist servers and provide pay on demand, as the “Ziosk 7” touchscreen sits on the tables at Red Robin, offering guests the ability to view menu items and specials, order items, play games, watch videos and movie trailers, engage with social media, give real time feedback and pay the check right at the table. With several Devotion Vodka specialty drinks available on the Red Robin drinks menu, upon being seated, adult consumers over the age of 21 can explore options and order cocktails at their leisure.

“The Ziosk program has been extremely successful since its debut at Red Robin, and we are excited to make Devotion Vodka specialty drinks available to adult consumers through this turnkey solution,” said Chad Miller, Senior Director Purchasing, Red Robin. “We continue to see many consumers more aware of ingredients, and Devotion Vodka specialty drinks, with gluten-free and sugar-free attributes, continue to be very popular items on our drinks menu.”

Devotion Vodka Added to Red Robin “Ziosk 7” Touchscreen Program in Pennsylvania

Devotion Vodka, which is 100% corn based, teamed up with Allen Flavors, the #1 Privately Owned Flavor Company and maker of Arizona Iced Tea, to develop a process of eliminating sugars as a flavoring agent in vodka. Many mass produced flavored vodkas available in the marketplace have been diluted by sugary flavoring agents. In lieu of sugar, Devotion uses an essence process along with natural flavor compounds to ensure its flavored vodkas maintain sugar-free attributes. Devotion Vodka (SRP of $19.99) is available for purchase at retail stores, restaurants and bars in several states, with distribution expanding throughout the U.S. For more information and delicious drink recipes, visit 

About Devotion Spirits, Inc.
Launched in November 2009, Devotion Spirits, Inc. (DSI) is the first company in the world to offer a completely new category in premium spirits, and marketed under a single brand – Devotion Vodka, World’s First Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free American Made Vodka Family. The Company was created by entrepreneur Drew Adelman, a nightlife and dining aficionado and fitness advocate, searching for a way to marry his two passions. Devotion Vodka boasts 80 proof, six-column distilled vodka (made from the finest American Corn), and is the only flavored vodka brand made exclusively in the USA.  Visit for more information.