Devour The Pub Food and Feel Blessed!

Everyone can find one thing common amid them and i.e. their liking for good food. There are restaurants that offer the most amazing variety of food.

Devour The Pub Food and Feel Blessed!Every restaurant offers different standards of food and the style of cooking also varies from each other.

Today let’s explore the category of gastro pub food. What are there amazing recipes? How is the prepared? Are they prepared freshly or are they just deep frozen? Let’s explore their reality-

Pub food is also commonly known as “pub grub”. During the twentieth century, shellfish vendors existed, found commonly outside the public houses. They used to sell whelks, mussels, cockles, a cold snack or a salad at the bar. Earlier one could easily find a “pie and a pint”, found with a steak and ale pies, prepared by the landlord’s wife. Then in the 60’s and 70’s you could have got chicken or scampi placed in a basket or soda bread or stew.

Now in pubs, you can get gastro pub food that defines high-quality food and drinks. Fish, chips, bangers, mash, hot pot, pasties or shepherd’s pie is served in these pubs. Some international recipes are also served like chili con carne or lasagna. You can also gorge upon steak, battered fish or chicken schnitzel topped with potato fries, potato wedges or simple mashed potatoes and a side salad.

Food has now become an important part of pubs and several of them also serve special meals rather than a table topped with some usual round of snacks. The gastropubs are renowned for serving top quality food. It is a blend of gastronomy and pub which means to serve fine quality food.

Diners must be cautious, as not every pub will offer them fine food; instead, they will use cheap ingredients, simple cooking methods like just microwaving the ingredients together. Or they might just have a cook who may or may not have good culinary skills. Instead of freshly prepared pub food, you will be served with something that has just been prepared in the factory, packed in a plastic bagDevour The Pub Food and Feel Blessed!, boxed and frozen for more than a year!

You will be astonished to know that the chicken Marsala that you may be digging into may have been prepared a year ago and have been hiding in the freezer all this while! There are some pubs that may just have one or two dishes available in their menu that might have been freshly prepared; rest is all frozen to death