Double Cola Launches Natural Products Minoku Coconut Water & Zili Tea

Double Cola Launches Natural Products Minoku Coconut Water & Zili Tea

The Double Cola Company is launching natural products MINŌKU Coconut Water and ZILI Tea at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, C.A. this week. Double Cola’s business development team will kick-start the products through abundant sampling and vibrant marketing at the leading trade show for natural and organic products. Both MINŌKU Coconut Water and ZILI Tea are two of three new age lines introduced by Double Cola within the last year.

Larry Butler, the company’s newly appointed Business Development Manager, is pleased to sample the MINŌKU and ZILI lines for the first time to those in attendance: “I’m excited for the opportunity Expo West 2014 presents to introduce MINŌKU Coconut Water and ZILI Tea, expanding Double Cola’s products into the natural beverage market. What truly sets us apart from the competition is the careful balancing of young and mature green coconuts ethically harvested from Thailand, and the addition of B vitamins in a RTD tea line, which Zili Tea has captured. We took everything into consideration all the way down the soil type in Thailand. Please come sample the new lines at our booth (6025).”

Double Cola Launches Natural Products Minoku Coconut Water & Zili TeaAfter several years of research and development, Double Cola decided in 2013 to take the plunge in introducing three new-age product lines, lines that are outside the company’s historical soft drink market. The first to enter the market was QUAD Energy, a line of high-quality, low cost energy drinks that hit store shelves in fall 2013. Now, it’s time for MINŌKU Coconut Water and ZILI Tea. MINŌKU Coconut Water is 100% all natural coconut water made from ethically-sourced, fresh, young coconuts in Thailand. ZILI Tea is a line of naturally flavored, functional teas infused with 25% of consumers’ daily recommended intake of B vitamins. It made sense for Double Cola to launch the two natural brands together because both were developed to be naturally flavored, functional, high-quality options for new-age buyers.

Double Cola has made several investments to prepare the new-age brands and ensure sustainable growth. New personnel were hired to develop, market, and sell only MINŌKU Coconut Water and ZILI Tea. The company also purchased a variety of hard and soft point-of-sale tools, such as wire racks, shippers, and various in-store signage. Double Cola’s marketing team will organize localized promotions for new markets.

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