El Cristiano Launches Mixology Series With Waldorf Beverly Hills

El Cristiano, the ultra premium tequila brand, launched a mixology workshop series with The Waldorf in Beverly Hills, CA which kicked off in February 2024. Six classes will take place over six months, with featured bartenders from notable Los Angeles venues and events, such as Soho Holloway House, and mixologist David Brackett, and curated by the El Cristiano team. Founder Karan Khanna kicked off the first class, speaking to the guests about the Purity, Passion and Purpose messaging of the brand.

Hosted by El Cristiano, guests – ranging between hospitality representatives, bartenders, influencers, press, VIPs and venue partners, are indulged to experience a spectacular night with the tequila to really understand their cocktails and taste. The evening includes experimenting with three cocktails and learning expert tips from the skilled mixologist, and tasting each of the four varieties the brand offers. The cocktails are paired with gourmet hors d’oeuvres created by the Chef of the hotel, to perfectly complement the mixology courses.

El Cristiano, a brand as noted above that prides itself on its platform of Purity, Passion and Purpose, promotes itself as the world’s most delicious additive-free ultra premium tequila, made by third generation master tequila makers with the finest Jalisco Highlands aged Blue Weber Agave. El Cristiano is dedicated to producing the purist tequila with no additives – (85% of tequila today has sugars and thickeners added) – with a high focus on harvesting only mature agave aged at least five years and certain sizing through sustainable agriculture practices. By establishing this process, they have eliminated the need for additives which would change the true essence of 100% Highlands Blue Weber Agave.  El Cristiano first launched in May 2022, and began to roll out into Colorado in January 2023. The Waldorf has become a major partner for the brand, featured on both the rooftop and in their main level restaurant. The restaurant’s Sway Room was the perfect backdrop to serve as their workshop partner.

Their foundation varieties and premium flavor profiles include Silver, Reposado and Extra Aged Anejo to their recently introduced Extra Reposado. El Cristiano in 2023 also introduced an entirely new flavor category with their 11 month barrel aged Extra Reposado, known as XR. Using a distillation method of traditional distilled pots with copper, and aging in American Oak barrels, their tequila is always additive-free and gluten-free, using sustainable practices throughout the entire process, from agave farming to bottling. El Cristiano takes pride in their unique, unmatched collection offerings and tasting notes.

We believe that premium tequila drinkers have been searching for ultra-aged options that hold true varietal characteristics of the blue agave grown in the Jalisco region without additives,” says Karan Khanna, Brand Founder of El Cristiano. “Through our proprietary distillation and aging processes, our tequila has a delicious and pure taste without sacrificing the quality of the ingredients.”

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