Esteemed Cognac Cellar Master and Creator of Grey Goose Vodka

François Thibault Joins Luxury French Armagnac Brand

Cardinal du Four as Co-Founder & Master Blender

Cardinal du Four (CdF), 21 Rébellion, the award-winning, additive-free Armagnac and the modern connoisseur’s answer to Cognac has announced that François Thibault, the renowned distiller/master blender of Cognac and creator of Grey Goose Vodka recipe, is joining the Cardinal du Four Armagnac company as co-founder and master blender. 

Cdf founder Christophe Namer and Thibault, long-time friends, often reunite and, as always, bond over their shared French epicurean passions, delving into discussions on gastronomy, wines, and spirits.

Driven by the same passion and product excellence, they took on the challenge of creating together an exceptional new Armagnac blend. An opportunity for Thibault to use all his savoir-faire to tailor-make this spirit from the French region of Armagnac where the terroirs and traditions have for centuries expressed a style that is as unique as it is rare.

With his exceptional reputation in the spirits industry, François Thibault brings his unparalleled expertise and passion to the world of Armagnac. As he embarks on this new chapter in his illustrious career, he continues to raise the bar for the spirits industry. Through his unfaltering dedication and profound understanding of his craft, he sets a new standard of excellence, ensuring that future generations will continue to appreciate the remarkable spirits he creates.

“The success of Cardinal du Four, 21 Rébellion is a testament to François’ meticulous craftsmanship, and we’re delighted that he has officially joined the CdF family,” comments -Namer. “As master blender, he will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our brand, while infusing his signature touch and innovative vision.  His unwavering commitment to quality and dedication to groundbreaking innovation will surely elevate our company to new heights.”

“In a relatively short time, Christophe has made his mark in the industry, introducing Cardinal du Four Armagnac to the North American luxury spirits market,” adds Thibault. “I’m pleased to join him in the evolution of the brand, and look forward to sharing my expertise with both connoisseurs and those who newly discovered the distinct charm and appeal of Armagnac.”

CdF stands out in the market, offering a truly extraordinary experience for discerning spirits connoisseurs. With Thibault’s expertise, each bottle of CdF Armagnac, considered the oldest brandy in France, will showcase the culmination of centuries-old tradition and modern artistry.

With an illustrious career spanning over four decades, François Thibault has not only established himself as a pioneer in the spirit industry but has also numerous accolades, including the distinguished title of Cognac Maître de Chai (Cellar Master), which acknowledges his unrivaled mastery in the art of spirits crafting.

Thibault recently received The Gold Medal of Honor for Labor, this honorary distinction rewards the length of service in the private sector, and the quality of their initiatives taken in the exercise of their profession. Furthermore, he received the medal of “Knight of Agricultural Merit” for his commitment and services rendered in the world of agriculture.

Born and raised in France, his deep appreciation for spirits was fostered through his family roots in the Cognac region. His passion for the art of creating exceptional spirits led him to pursue a formal education in viticulture and oenology, with a particular focus on distillation techniques and flavor profiles.

CdF is a harmonious blend of vintage Armagnacs from 21 to 43 years of age (30 years average age) and contains no additives such as sugar and caramel. Its natural brilliant amber color has floral aromas of jasmine and iris followed by pastry and spice notes like nutmeg and cardamom intertwined with dried fig, caramelized apples, and toasted wood vanilla flavors. Long lingering and opulent dried finish with notes of cacao beans and salted caramel. CdF combines complexity and power with elegance and finesse.