Enhance Summer Salad Season with KRAFT YES Pack

Enhance Summer Salad Season with KRAFT YES PackWith the weather heating up, many consumers focus on eating healthy, better-for-you options and gravitate towards light, refreshing salads. KRAFT Foodservice offers operators the opportunity to benefit with KRAFT YES Pack—a game-changing dressings package that stands for Yield, Ease and Sustainability. At the peak of salad season, operators can function more efficiently with KRAFT YES Pack, which maximizes yield and provides precision pouring.

Salad season peaks in the summer when consumers turn to lighter fare. In fact, 39% of adults order a salad  when looking to have a healthier meal. Operators can meet customer demands by offering the top-selling salad dressing flavors from KRAFT Foodservice. These flavors include:

• Ranch
• Creamy Caesar
• Thousand Island
• Blue Cheese
• Golden Italian
• Balsamic Vinaigrette
• Honey Dijon
• Catalina

Operators can manage costs and optimize back-of-house efficiencies with KRAFT YES Pack. The innovative packaging will help operators yield up to 99% of the dressing inside and avoid the messy scraping and dangerous cutting that is often associated with traditional one-gallon jugs. Top and bottom handles on the package provide faster and more accurate pouring with reduced spillage. In addition, the unique eco-friendly design can reduce solid waste and costs associated with waste removal. KRAFT YES Pack is available in 4/1-gallon cases and 2/1-gallon cases to meet the demands of both high- and low-volume operations.

KRAFT YES Pack provides operators with efficient, easy-to-use packaging while consumers enjoy light, healthy salads with the delicious KRAFT Dressings they have relied on for over 70 years.

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