ENTENMANN’S RICH FROSTED DONUT CELEBRATES HIS 40TH BIRTHDAYAs 2013 approaches, Entenmann’s® Bakery, a division of Bimbo Bakeries USA, will be celebrating more than just the New Year – they will be celebrating the 40th birthday of their Rich Frosted Donut on January 31, 2013.  Fanatics have been enjoying the donut since his introduction along with the many variations of his offspring.

“I can’t believe I’ll be turning forty years old in January!” said Rich, the frosted donut created by Entenmann’s Bakery.  “I am so thrilled to think that I have brought delight and mouthwatering enjoyment to millions of fans over the last four decades and look forward to doing that for years to come!”

Rich was created in 1972 in Entenmann’s Bay Shore Bakery and will be celebrating his 40th Birthday nationwide on January 31, 2013.  After 32 joyous years in Long Island, Rich decided it was time for a move and landed in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  It is common knowledge that throughout his four decades, Rich has been made the Proud Papa of various types of rich frosted Entenmann’s donuts, such as the Rich Frosted Pop‘Ems and Rich Frosted Mini Donuts.  Throughout his life, Rich has always been a popular donut; in fact, he has been Entenmann’s number one seller since his birth.  Now, in 2013, the same week Rich celebrates his 40th Birthday on January 31, 2013, he will also be celebrating the 400,000,000 Rich Frosted Donut to be coming off the production line in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

“With all of these grand celebrations coming up, I felt like there has always been something missing.  So many of my fans have shared huge life events with me, and now I feel like it’s time to share some of my life with my fans.  I think it’s time they really get to know me on a more personal level,” Rich stated.

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Despite always being in the spotlight, Rich has been able to keep much of his personal life a secret. Consumers have never asked one of the bigger questions – who exactly is Mrs. Rich Frosted?  Rich and Entenmann’s feel that celebrating a 40th Birthday is a major milestone, and no longer want to keep Mrs. Rich Frosted under wraps.

Rich Frosted Finally Reveals The “Mrs.” On Facebook

 Rich and Entenmann’s Bakery have decided to get the fans in on the excitement and will be running a Facebook survey for consumers to vote on who they believe is “Mrs. Rich Frosted.”  The choices will include Glazed Donut, Crumb Topped Donut, Plain Donut and Powdered Donut; the “Mrs.” will be revealed on Rich’s birthday on January 31, 2013. The birthday celebration will coincide with an Entenmann’s ’Rich 40 for 40’ on-pack promotion starting in mid-January and ending in mid-April.  Consumers will be invited to enter weekly giveaways on www.facebook.com/Entenmanns where Entenmann’s will be giving away 40 birthday prize packages a week.   It is a true test to all of Rich’s fans to see if they truly know this donut as well as they may believe they do.

About Entenmann’s Bakery 

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