NEW Lower Sodium Turkey from Perdue

“Lower sodium” and “reduced sodium” have become buzzwords in consumer health trends. Technomic reports that nearly half of full-service restaurant customers actively seek lower sodium items in an effort to lead healthier lives. The trend is a prudent one as most Americans consume nearly twice the recommended daily amount of sodium, and millions are currently suffering from hypertension, heart disease, kidney disorder and other ailments.

To play its part in addressing the nation’s call for lower sodium, Perdue®Foodservice is rolling out new Lower Sodium Turkey products and raising its standards for lower sodium reductions in its turkey product portfolio. In fact, while the USDA standard for sodium is 568 mg per serving in a turkey breast, Perdue’s Lower Sodium Turkey products average 400 mg or less of sodium, a reduction of 30%.

 “The greatest obstacle to a lower sodium diet is the perceived lack of flavor in sodium-reduced foods,” says Gary Nennstiehl, Director of Foodservice Marketing for Turkey at Perdue Farms. “Perdue’s Lower Sodium Turkey delivers the delicious true turkey taste that customers crave in a variety of options to excite any palette.”

In their annual “What’s Hot” survey, The National Restaurant Association polled 1500 professional chefs, gathering data on top food trends of the past year. Of the 226 most notable trends polled in 2011, lower-sodium items ranked number 83 overall and 14 out of 34 in the “Main Dish/Center of the Plate” category. Last month The NRA’s Vice President of Public Policy said, “Our industry has made significant strides in reducing sodium and will continue to do so while supporting consumer education, access to information, and other efforts vital to assisting consumers in lowering their sodium intake.”

Perdue offers a new and improved way for operators to engage with consumers and be more aware of their fitness, nutrition, and flavor needs. Foodservice operators can choose from a variety of Perdue’s Lower Sodium Turkey products to enhance their menu with flavor and functionality. With options such as Pan-Roasted Bourbon Peppercorn Turkey Breast and Sandwich Builders®Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast, operators can flawlessly integrate low sodium items into their menu without sacrificing taste. The versatility of Perdue products makes them perfect for creating flavorful appetizers, entrées, small plates, sandwiches, and salads.

Perdue Foodservice effortlessly blends quality ingredients with its reputation for being a valued and trusted poultry partner.  For more information about Perdue’s Lower Sodium Turkey offerings and recipe ideas, please visit or call 888-PERDUE-2 (888-737-3832) to contact your Perdue Foodservice representative.