ESPRO, Inc. Introduces Game Changing Coffee Tasting Cups, which Amplify your Favorite Coffee Flavors

ESPRO, Inc. Introduces Game Changing Coffee Tasting Cups, which Amplify your Favorite Coffee FlavorsCoffee Tasting Cups, ESPRO’s latest innovation, were launched at the Berlin 2019 World of Coffee show and awarded Best New Product. Changing the way coffee lovers around the world enjoy their cup, ESPRO’s Coffee Tasting Cups amplify flavors inherent in their favorite coffee beans.

“Coffee lovers were asking us how they could taste the flavors listed on the bag of coffee beans,” says Bruce Constantine, co-founder and President of ESPRO. “Our team started by studying the wine and spirits industries, where cup designs are proven to deliver unique flavors. Then, coffee engineers spent over a year studying, developing, testing and patenting the unique designs that amplify specific coffee flavors in each cup.”

“Don’t just believe us”, says Chris McLean, co-founder of ESPRO, “We tested these with coffee lovers until we got it right. Our study shows that 3 out of 4 coffee lovers prefer our cups for tasting these flavors vs. a standard coffee mug, and target flavors are on average +34% stronger in ESPRO’s Coffee Tasting Cups. We invite all coffee lovers to taste the difference for yourselves!”

ESPRO’s Coffee Tasting Cups are the only ones designed to enhance specific flavors, in the sizes you are used to drinking for coffee and espresso beverages. Currently they are available in Fruity, Cocoa, Floral, Spicy and Nutty flavor enhancing designs, and the following sizes: 3 oz. Espresso, 6 oz. Cappuccino, 10 oz. Coffee, and 12 oz. Latte.

The Tasting Cups for Espresso beverages were most recently added and will be officially launched at the upcoming IHA and SCA shows in 2020. Before then, you can find them online at and You can find the Cocoa cups for Espresso beverages exclusively at Williams Sonoma

ESPRO’s unique cups are crafted from New Bone China, with a durable yet elegant design, and are dishwasher safe.


ESPRO, a division of Regal Ware, Inc., was founded by two engineers, Bruce Constantine and Chris McLean, with the passion and goal of making coffee better. They realized that coffee lovers found it difficult to make barista-quality coffee inside and outside the home. Even experts found it challenging to make consistently great coffee with available equipment. Inspired by these challenges, ESPRO created products that offer solutions; including ESPRO’s Press P7, with features that deliver better tasting, grit-free coffee. Today, the coffee industry is evolving, bringing a new set of challenges for coffee lovers as they strive to make the perfect cup. If you have a frustration in making consistently better coffee, reach out to us at

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