Ethnic Food: Not the Ramen Noodles You Ate in College

­­­Not the Ramen You Ate in College at Charlotte’s Futo Buta

Ethnic Food: Not the Ramen Noodles You Ate in CollegeWhen you hear “ramen,” does it automatically bring you back to the 20-year-old version of yourself, eating ramen noodles that were cooked for 90 seconds in the microwave of your dorm? Guilty!

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore – thanks to Charlotte, N.C.’s ramen restaurant, Futo Buta. Owner and chef Michael Shortino revolutionized the college staple into a unique culinary innovation by forming a marriage between Japanese and low-country cuisine. Shortino accomplishes this by serving made from scratch ramen noodles, utilizing North Carolina wheat in the process, and locally sourced meats from Charlotte’s countryside.

Unlike microwave ramen, Futo Buta offers a variety of ramen bowls including Niwa, a vegan ramen; Tonkotsu, a pork ramen; and the notable Fire and Ice ramen bowl comprised of kimchi broth, hot smoked salmon, fresh mint, cabbage, shaved carrot, radish and black sesame (pictured below). Futo Buta has other offerings including buns and fresh seafood items such as spicy tuna donburi and salmon belly nigiri.  Check out the menu here.

While college will always be considered the best four years of your life, the eating habits you acquired probably have room for improvement. Make up those years to your 20-year-old self by enjoying Futo Buta ramen the next time you’re in Charlotte, N.C.