THE TIME IS RIPE FOR FRESH CALIFORNIA AVOCADOSWith America’s appetite for avocados escalating every year, the arrival of Fresh California Avocados in the market is cause for menu celebration. Foodservice operators count on Fresh California Avocados for their hand-picked quality and consistency, Golden State origin, rich flavor, silky texture and the seasonal appeal to a range of dishes.

It’s time to showcase the taste, color and unique essence of Fresh California Avocados. They bring a flavorful and distinctive touch to dishes, and each slice, dice and cube delivers an irresistible excuse for one more bite. From a breakfast treat like a California Avocado Bruffin, to an appetizer like Guacamole Nogada, to an elegant first course like Boise Center’s Tempura California Avocado with Crab Salad, serving Fresh California Avocados are a sure sign of quality and style.

Browse the California Avocado Commission recipe database for more spring and summer menu solutions for all dining segments and dayparts. While visiting, these helpful resources help optimize Fresh California Avocado usage: nutrition, selection, storage and handling information.