By Chef Sverre Saetre
Coauthor Hanne Hay Saetre
Photography by Christian Brun

“It’s about finding creative ways to use fantastic raw ingredients, and discovering entirely new and delicious taste experiences.”
Sverre Saetre, pastry chef

Norway’s most acclaimed pastry chef, Sverre Saetre, brings his latest tempting dessert discoveries to the table with recipes in Norwegian Cakes and Cookies (Skyhorse February 2012).  Learn to master it all, from decadent cakes, tarts, and puddings, to candied fruits, chocolate confection, and cookies with Saetre’s easy and concise recipes.  He takes delicious dishes founded in Norwegian tradition, such as Prince Cake (layers of rich butter pastry with a marzipan filling), Dense Milk Pudding, and Veiled Farm Girls with Cardamom (sweet fruit compote with whipped cream and spices), and gives them a fresh, innovative spin that any home cook can follow.

With over fifty luscious photographs by Christian Brun, Norwegian Cakes and Cookies also contains a separate chapter on essential basic dessert recipes such as pie and tart crusts, vanilla custard, and dark chocolate glaze, with useful tips for beginner and expert bakers alike.

Master these traditional Norwegian desserts with a sweet modern twist, including:
·        Nut Macaroons with Apple Cream
·        Marzipan Cake with Strawberries
·        Caramel Pudding with Cloudberries
·        Puff Pastry Sticks with Brown Sugar and Cinnamon
·        Ginger Cookies
·        Blueberry Chocolates
·        Loaf Cake with Carrots and Nuts
·        Cream Puffs with Chocolate Cream
·        Morello Cherry and Almond Cake
·        Cream Cake with Red Currants and Raspberries
·        Coconut Macaroons with Egg Nog
·        Pears in Lingonberry Syrup
·        Strawberry Tart with Oxalis Cream
·        Thick Lefses with Blueberry Butter
·        Troll Cream with Jellied Cream
·        And much more!

Take a tour of Nordic tradition and delight your taste buds as you try Saetre’s sweet treats!  Norwegian Cakes and Cookies is the perfect addition to any avid baker’s collection.

To request a review copy of Norwegian Cakes and Cookies, please contact:
Karissa Hearn / 212 643 6816

About the Author
Sverre Saetre was born in 1972 and is a trained chef and pastry chef.  Since 2003, he has been a member of the Norwegian National Culinary Team, which was named world champions in 2006 and Olympic champions in 2008.  He gained experience from Erichsen Bakery in Trondheim, and star restaurant Bagatelle in Oslo, among others.  He runs a patisserie in Oslo, Norway.