Food & Beverage Podcast Network Launches

We are excited to roll out The Food & Beverage Podcast Network. A curated network created by Michael Politz and his team at Food & Beverage Magazine . “After discovering the deficiencies in the podcast world of food and hospitality related programming, I knew my team could make a difference.  Until now podcasting has been a labor of love in this arena. Sponsorship’s and advertising are a business of their own and most podcasters are having trouble reaching the correct decision makers and navigating the sales and analytics.” Politz stated.

Politz continued, “It was a natural for us at Food & Beverage Magazine to create the network and aggregate all the rouge hospitality programming under one flag”.  Food and Beverage Magazine has remained the first name in the Foodservice/Hospitality information highway.  Serving readers, the informational needs of the industry while, keeping readers on the cutting edge with authoritative coverage of trends and industry news. Food & Beverage Magazine is leading industry with 12 million monthly readers and is noted by Amazon’s Alexa rating system as the most progressive resource in the F&B industry on-line at

With the curation and programming assistance of James Beard Award winning journalist Jennifer English the network launches its first two high profile programs; A Fork on the Road with Mark DeCarlo and The Art Mann Podcast.



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