Food Resolutions for the New Year! Start 2014 with Healthier Meal Choices

Food Resolutions for the New Year! Start 2014 with Healthier Meal ChoicesLosing weight is a popular new year’s resolution and one of the easiest ways to achieve this goal is with simple tweaks to your favorite meals. To help banish that bulge in 2014, below are a few smart (yet simple) meal choices to make in the new year.

  1. Eat More Fish: Filled with omega-3s and high in protein, fish such as salmon make for a healthy meal choice, especially when compared to other proteins such as beef or pork. Numerous new products on the market feature salmon as the star of the show as well with everything from burgers to bacon available as a salmon alternative.
  2. When in Doubt Choose Whole Grains: You don’t have to cut carbs entirely. Opting for whole grains instead of products made from white flour will save calories where it counts. Plus, whole grains have more fiber and vitamins to jump-start your metabolism.
  3. Skip the Soda: Even diet soda can cause drinkers to pack on the pounds so avoid all types of soda pop! To cure a carbonation craving, flavored mineral waters can offer a tasty fix.
  4. An Apple a Day… Literally: Fruits are your friend! Not only are they are loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients, fruit also makes an easy and healthy snack. Whether you prefer apples or oranges (or another piece of produce), adding more fruit to your diet has multiple health benefits.
  5. Cut Out Trans Fat: Drop trans fats from your diet completely! A leading contributor to heart disease, trans fats are typically traced to processed and pre-packaged snacks. Be sure to carefully read labels to ensure your items are trans fat free.

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From the small beginnings in the Scottish Border Country over 25 years ago to the MacKnight Food Group of today, Jonathan S. Brown, the Founder and CEO, has maintained the policy of using only the highest quality Atlantic Salmon from the cold clean waters of Scotland and Norway. MacKnight’s Premium Smoked Salmon has been named “Connoisseur’s Choice” and was voted as the #1 smoked salmon by Food & Wine Magazine. Other MacKnight products have also been awarded prestigious recognition in both Europe and the USA. The line of MacKnight products will be carried by select retailers, with popular items such as salmon bacon, hickory smoked salmon and, of course, the finest of Scottish smoked salmon. Wal-Mart will stock the salmon burgers in August 2013. For more information visit us on Facebook at “MacKnight” or