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Dear Food Venture Gals,

I love introducing new menu items and I’m not sure which to add and which to leave.  Do you have any tips on how to decide?


Changing Up the Menu


Dear Changing Up the Menu,

As we continue to navigate through this pandemic, menu innovation is essential for restaurants to continue to survive and even thrive!

Data shows consumers have leaned into comfort foods for the past few years and are looking to elevate them through exploring bold, global flavors.

To stay on-trend try to incorporate cuisine from the top five regions predicted to have an influence on menus in 2022; Southeast Asia, South America, Caribbean, North Africa, and West Africa.

The millennial generation made purpose-driven consumption popular even with food. Plant-based options are a must-have on all restaurant menus. There is significant growth in the number of consumers choosing meat alternatives for health benefits and sustainability. Vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian food lovers are all looking for creative, beautiful, and non-meat options to help decrease carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Both environmental impact and personal health are front of mind for consumers.

Matching this goal with menu items that aren’t so easy to create in a home kitchen are a winning combination for restaurants! Choosing unique, sustainably-sourced ingredients that can pack a punch nutritionally will also go a long way.

To continue attracting new clients and satisfying your existing guests, offer new menu items that bring bold  flavors, plant-based options and simple quality ingredients, to your menu in 2022.

The Food Venture Gals
Sima & Kiran
Contributor: Shannon Pringle

The Food Venture Gals are the founders of Food Venture Program. Food Venture Program is a leading organization in North American food and beverage product development; offering online programs to help food entrepreneurs start and grow their business.